Audi quattro - The Bratsigovo Test

Audi C4 2.5 TDI quattro with Maloya Cresta 300

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AUDI A6 C4 2.5TDi quattro

Audi A6 V6 Quattro in snow with allmost 2 tons caravan no 1
This is what my Audi Quattro is made to do. Minus 20 degrees and pulling my allmost 2 tons caravan free of the snow - 4 rings and a little Q, simply the best See caravan specifications in the links below: " ?cat=caravans&products=[%226C66+40600%22]"

S6 plus im Schnee
Fahrzeug: Audi S6 plus (C4) Quattro

Audi quattro
Audi quattro on ski jump