Potato mountain hike MT. Baldy

This area was badly burned about ten years back but is almost completely recovered. I researched it a little and found this. Remember, it is ALMOST completely recovered!. This is a short day hike you can take the wife and kids and pic nick on the bluffs above the city. Hikers, for all you do, this spud's for you. Potato Mountain, which sits above Claremont, offers the hiker great clear-day vistas of the San Gabriel Valley, eastern Los Angeles County, and parts of San Bernardino County. The 3,360-foot, russet-brown mountain, is a refuge from the busy metropolis and its far-flung suburbs. Splitting Potato Mountain is the Evey Canyon, watered by a little creek bubbling through an oak woodland and a tangle of vines and gooseberries. Unfortunately, a devastating 2002 wildfire scorched Evey Canyon, as well as other nearby canyons and hillsides above Claremont, and thoroughly roasted Potato Mountain. Yes, the land is recovering but don't expect the pre-fire pastoral scene when you hike Evey Canyon. Herman Garner saved the canyon from home development and gave it to Pomona College (one of the Claremont Colleges) Department of Biology with the condition that it remain pristine. Herman Garner Biological Preserve is used today for student field research, and for long walks away from it all.

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End of summer bash invite
IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEN, September twenty third, a Saturday. Come one, come all to an end of summer bash. Location, Little Jimmy camp grounds in the Beautiful San Gabriel mountains. Located just nine miles north of MT Baden Powell off the PCT, OR, north of Crystal lake, or just above Islip saddle off the 2 hwy. Check your maps, check your calendars, check your sanity Because "it's a dead mans part, who could ask for more, everybody coming leave your drama at the door"

Potato Mountain Hike via the East Face
http://wwwdayhikingtrails.com - Everyone knows that it's 2.5 miles to the top of Potato Mountain via the Evey Canyon Trail. But if you take the side trail 0.2 mile in from the trailhead, you can get to the top in just one mile! It's steep, slippery and strenuous so you better come with lots of energy and good trail shoes. But it's also a great workout and good conditioning. Get all the details about the Potato Mountain East Face hike at http://www.dayhikingtrails.com/potato-mountain-via-east-face/.

bears, fishing, native American cures and more
This video has a little of everything. It was shot on the day of the mt Baldy bike race, a race where some of the best racers compete to move into trials for the tour DE France. I take advantage of the closed mountain to explore new areas without the crowds, taking along some kids looking for adventure and fun. We found both! The video end with a visit from a young bear who joined our pic nic and allowed me within ten feet of him. There is a native American remedy for stinging needles, a plant fond in the rage. This cure ir lambs ear, almost always found close by to the stinging needles plant.

Day hike up mt San Antonio & some mountain sheep close up
I welcome people to join me from time to time and these guys showed up. It was a great group of people and although the trail was a killer, it took a few out, it was filled with beauty, wild life, action, fun and laughter. While on my way down the bowl trail, about a mile past the ski hut, I even ran into two young women dressed for the beach and looking for THE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE, I thought they were messing around but they were serious. I told them, they were off by a good 3 canyons, a 45 minute drive, then a 3 hour hike! It was their first time hiking