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Knife Making Tutorial- THE DRAWING BOARD

Knife Making- The Super Squad Knife
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Tutorial: Getting Straight Grindlines for the Beginner Knife Maker - long vid
This tutorial is for the beginner knife maker. It's a long video so don't waste your time if this is not important to you. The sound goes out after 10 minutes of recording time. Sorry about that... I need a new video camera. You can buy my work from my website: or see them on Instagram: or on Facebook:

Knife Making - Making A Simple Japanese Pocket Kiridashi
I wanted to make a Kiridashi for a long time, so this week I decided to make my own version of it, a pocket kiridashi with a leather sheath. I used C130 High Carbon Steel, 4oz vegetable tanned leather and quenched it in old motor oil. I hope you will like the video. This video is powered by all my Patreons. You can now support my work and videos on Patreon. Every dollar helps. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and rewarded. Visit : Find me on my website : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : @the_redsmith Check my other videos : Vlog 3 - One Day Trip : How To Make A Leatherman Belt Sheath / DIY : Old Rusty Vise Restoration / DIY : Assassin's Creed Origins Inspired Horus Eye Leather Stick Barrette / Gift for Make It Soph : Making A Crossbow - Part V - Final Assembly : Making A Crossbow - Part IV - Forging The Bolts : Making A Crossbow - Part III - Making The Body : Making A Crossbow - Part II - Forging The Bow : Making A Crossbow - Part I - Trigger Mechanism : Making A Handmade Leather Wallet : Old Rusty Hammer Restoration : DIY - How to Make A Steel & Wood Stool / Bar Stool / Shop Stool : How To Make Assassin's Creed Altaïr Throwing Knives - Limited tools + 2x72" belt grinder version : Forging A Campfire Tripod With A Trammel Hook : Making A Chess Set : Elven Inspired Leather Circlet : Game of Thrones - House Stark Leather Sigil : Making A Viking Style Throwing Axe From An Old Axe : DIY - USB Charging Bedside Lamp / Desk Lamp : DIY - Old Cleaver Restoration : Woodworking - Making A Tameshigiri Stand : Blacksmithing - Forging A Coat Rack : Knife Making - Making A Leather Round Knife : Knife Making - Making Push Daggers : DIY - Making A Disc Sander : DIY - How To Make A Viking Shield / Lagertha's Shield : Knife Making - How To Make Micarta / Homemade Micarta : Thanks for watching!