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Knife Making Tutorial- THE DRAWING BOARD

Tutorial: Getting Straight Grindlines for the Beginner Knife Maker - long vid
This tutorial is for the beginner knife maker. It's a long video so don't waste your time if this is not important to you. The sound goes out after 10 minutes of recording time. Sorry about that... I need a new video camera. You can buy my work from my website: or see them on Instagram: or on Facebook:

Making a Knife From an Auger
Viewers raised $200 for St Jude's Children's Research Hospital on this knife's charity auction! Dost Ye Rock? Behold, slow-mo plus fire and a wood auger for to make a another, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max style blade. Or blades. Which one is your favorite? The first attempt looks great but Steve and O1 steel just don't get along! inquire at This video is my property, all rights reserved, and cannot be used or redistributed without my express, notarized, written permission.

Knife Making - Blue Demon Knife