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Knife Making Tutorial- THE DRAWING BOARD

Tutorial: Getting Straight Grindlines for the Beginner Knife Maker - long vid
This tutorial is for the beginner knife maker. It's a long video so don't waste your time if this is not important to you. The sound goes out after 10 minutes of recording time. Sorry about that... I need a new video camera. You can buy my work from my website: or see them on Instagram: or on Facebook:

knifemaking... my way: the "great bear" knife
joel ( ) asked me to make him a knife... a big knife! and so i did :D. it's inspired from the french trading knife - a design that i like very much and i consider to be very useful outdoors. the blade shape and the pistol-grip is consistent with the period. i added a massive pommel to lower the balance point at the first pin - therefore, the big&heavy knife is very quick in the hand and confortable to use. the finish is rugged, with (some) forging and grinding marks left on the blade. the patina is stunning - the best that i ever put on a blade. the handle is birch. the convex grind is thin enough to make it a good slicer, but not too thin, so it can be used to chop wood. it's made of osc8 - romanian tool steel (that's an old standard), great for knifemaking.

Knifemaking - How to make a knife bevel
Short tutorial how to make a nice bevel using very simple wood jig.