BLK40T Twin Turbo 4L 1UZ V8 Ford Capri @ Sydney Dragway Full Throttle Friday 21/10/2011

street tune with United E85, street plugs and full Exhaust

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Cheap ass $5 spark plug leads save the day!
after 2 meetings and 2 sets of custom spark plug leads, that were over $200ea we decided to head down to SuperCheap and buy some leads, how did that workout? the first 2 passes are with $200+ spark plugs, the 3rd pass is with a mixed assortment of Bosch $5 leads bought at Supercheap auto. the leads are various sizes not custom made like the expensive ones. the car is a Twin turbo V8 producing over 1000hp and running low 8-sec 160+mph 1/4 miles passes

BLK40T Twin Turbo 1UZ 4L V8 Dyno Tune
BLK40T Twin turbo 1UZ 4L V8 Dyno Tune 941@30psi

Retromotor 2012 Onboard im Ford Capri Turbo Lauf 1
Lauf der Sportwagen Gruppe 3, ebenfalls mit dabei Porsche 911 turbo 300PS, Porsche 911 RSR 330PS, Rush Super Seven 240PS, Caterham 1700 Sprint 135PS, Ford Capri 3.0 210PS, Porsche 911 SC RS 270PS, De Tomaso Pantera 560PS, DB 190 5.0 V8 245PS, VW Käfer 200PS

Australian 2015 Mustang 6-speed manual base stock dyno run, SCT x4 power and Ghost camtune
Aussie Mustang 6-speed manual stock tune 224rwkw/304hp-229rwkw/311rwhp SCT x4 tune only 241rwkw/327rwhp plus mild Ghost cam tune through stock headers, cats, Exhaust run done in Shoot8 mode 15km/sec