BLK40T Twin Turbo 4L 1UZ V8 Ford Capri @ Sydney Dragway Full Throttle Friday 21/10/2011

street tune with United E85, street plugs and full Exhaust

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Cheap ass $5 spark plug leads save the day!
after 2 meetings and 2 sets of custom spark plug leads, that were over $200ea we decided to head down to SuperCheap and buy some leads, how did that workout? the first 2 passes are with $200+ spark plugs, the 3rd pass is with a mixed assortment of Bosch $5 leads bought at Supercheap auto. the leads are various sizes not custom made like the expensive ones. the car is a Twin turbo V8 producing over 1000hp and running low 8-sec 160+mph 1/4 miles passes

8-sec 1000hp+ pump E85 Twin Turbo 4L V8 Cruise home from Sydney Dragway after Test n Tune

BLK40T Crash @ Sydney Dragway 2/8/2014
radiator pipe came off, hit the wall @ 220km/h did good steering job to save the car

Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia IV
Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia