Honda accord dubai

look that car owner spent lots of money on it

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honda accord with hydrolic system**هوندا اكورد مع هيدروليك accord with hydrolic system**هوندا اكورد مع هيدروليك سستم في جدة (السعودية)

Dubai camry Vs Accord race.mp4

Crazy Modified Honda Accord - MEMTS 2013!!
On 15th March I attended the Middle East Motor Tuning Show held at the Sharjah Expo Center. Over there I filmed this completely changed and custom built Accord. This car had small screens placed everywhere, a LED T.V connected with a Playstation, a tri-cycle attached to the roof, and many more unusual fittings that you don't normally seen on a common Honda. It is apparently road legal as it had the registration plate inside. Video shows a full walk-around of this cartoon, enjoy :D Facebook page: Add me as a friend on Google+:

tuning cu usi giratorii - Honda Accord
in Dubai