Devin's 68 Firebird on the dyno

My 68 Pontiac Firebird being Dyno tested

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firebird startup
firebird 68

1968 firebird dyno, IN FRAME TUNING / TEM MACHINE
Robert Diehl's 1968 Pontiac Firebird 548" BBC Dyno and tune by PERFORMANCE IN-FRAME TUNING Engine modified and also tuned by TEM MACHINE Napa, CA Video recorded and edited by Dan Bordeau.

Cho's Toyota Celica GT
Cho's Toyota Celica GT being Dyno tested

1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 461 Stroker 428 Block Dyno
Step Dads 68 Firebird. 91 Oct. Pump Gas Friendly 461 Stroker, 455 Crank, 428 Block, 6x Heads Mild Cam,Speed Demon 750, Edelbrock Intake, Headman Long Tubes, Magnaflow Magnapacks 2 1/2 in duals, 700R4 2500 Stall, 10 bolt 3:55s Drove it 5 1/2 Hrs Let it set 30 Min. Put it on the Dyno.. 25+ MPG... 315 RWHP 367 RWTQ