DIY - ReadyLift suspension Dodge Ram 1500 ReadyLift® leveling kits are the fastest, safest, least expensive way to bring the front of your vehicle level with the rear. Our torsion keys are designed to grab the FLAT of the torsion bar for a tighter, sturdier fit. CNC machined adjuster bolt pockets and 10.9 grade metric hardware allow for proper bolt seating, ensuring an accurate and safe adjustment. Only ReadyLift® torsion keys are forged, making them 25% stronger than OEM and designed to last the life of your vehicle. Visit

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DIY 3' Lift Kit for 2004 Ram 1500 4x4
J.P. and Landon throw a 3" lift kit under a dodge to give it that extra cred on appearance. Big shout out to Supreme Suspensions for a great product it really makes a difference. Hope you guys and gals enjoy and if you did enjoy it. Be sure to slap that like button to give these guys some support. eveling-kit-shock-extenders-4wd/ Got some ideas? Leave a comment. Who knows, we might just do it.

Dodge Ram Body Lift Install
Key points in a body lift install.

Woking Man's Truck Upgrades - 3" Lift [S1 Ep.11-2]
Today on GearZ, its a real world, working man's truck where Stacey shows you how to take a late model diesel pick up and make it better, stronger, and tougher than it was before...and its something that can be done in the span of one weekend without breaking the bank proving once again that you can have a cool truck and still use it on the job.

Dodge ram lifted
Just an all around view of my truck now lifted.