Barcelona96 Part 2: Schumi walks on the water

Schumacher overtakes Villeneuve and says bye bye. He is 4 seconds faster than anybody on the tracks. Without any traction control or electronics tools. The Rainmaster At His Best.

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Michael schumacher's magic (Driving on the limit)
Jeremy Clarkson about: Michael Schumachers "magic ingredients" (In the Spanish GP 1996) He got to the first corner in sixth place, and then he proceeded to show the world why he earns 67,000 GBP a day!" Ross Brawn@about Driving skills : "A corner will last 2-3 seconds and he can remaking five or six corrections in those two,three seconds" "He made the rest of the field look like monkeys" He won the race with 45.302 seconds

GP USA 2000 - Schumacher/Coulthard-Duell (Premiere)

Schumacher vrs Hakkinen 1998 Italy - 3rd to 1st in 400 yards
A superb move sees Schumacher take the lead after taking advantage of Hakkinens hesitation going through Coulthards engine smoke.

F1 Spa '97 - Schumacher Flies on Wet Track
Witness Schumacher's first few dominating laps of spa. - Get well soon champ