Skogenracing @ Tallhed PPF & Street&strip "on The strip" 2011

Ford Capri 10.51s 212km/h Ford Taunus 10.44s 212km/h BMW 330 9.99s 226km/h BMW M3 9.69s 247km/h

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Bjuder Sara på en åktur nedför strippen i Caprin - 11.01s 207km/h @ 402m

SkogenRacing The Movie -08 Part 1
2x Sierra 2.9 turbo, Cortina turbo, Sierra pinto turbo, Starlet turbo

Motormässan Gävle 2012 - Raw fotage

Bilsport action meet and Skogenracing 2010
NO SOUND? shame on youtube! go to to see the movie with sound until youtube change this shit back to normal