Jorge's Reverse Turbo Trike Final PHYES 341 Dream to reality.

Reverse trike, 1000cc Kawasaki turbocharged (T28 turbo), Sorry it took so long to post this video, but I already started another project which can briefly see in the video (backpack helicopter, the BOB is wearing). Anyway after the 8 months that took to get the license in Denver, finally took it to the streets for a real drive. Watch and join me in the cockpit of this fun toy. Check up the website for more details, hope you like it.

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Reverse Trike -- Mako T3
First day out at Winton race track for this custom built reverse trike.

Jorge's trike III
Almost done!!! ready for next weekend to start with the bodywork and then take it to the DMV to get the license plates.

MEV ECO-EXO reverse trike supercar

Reverse trike similar to T Rex, Rayvolution, M-Ride and TR1ke being driven quite quickly.
For some reason almost all the reverse trike videos on YouTube don't seem to show them being driven quickly. The Campagna T Rex in particular is usually shown being parked or dribbling along some Boulevard somewhere. Even the Rayvolution and others videoed at a race track don't look like they are anywhere near the limit. I developed the Tri Pod primarily as a great handling trike (or three wheeled kit car) that would appeal to drivers, not posers. It is a simple light design with fun as the prime goal. It maybe the most affordable kit car to build in Australia. $20,000 will get one built, less if you scrounge around and also fabricate some parts yourself. A basic kit to get you started is around $8000 and includes the chassis and wishbones, and all the fibreglass panels you need. Further info on kit availability and cost is here - In car footage at the track is here - In car footage on the road is here - A trailer for the trip to Cape York which formed part of component quality testing in 2013 is here - Thanks for looking, Regards, Andrew.