Jorge's Reverse Turbo Trike Final PHYES 341 Dream to reality.

Reverse trike, 1000cc Kawasaki turbocharged (T28 turbo), Sorry it took so long to post this video, but I already started another project which can briefly see in the video (backpack helicopter, the BOB is wearing). Anyway after the 8 months that took to get the license in Denver, finally took it to the streets for a real drive. Watch and join me in the cockpit of this fun toy. Check up the website for more details, hope you like it.

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JZR 3 wheel reverse trike first run
after a year of work every day I got my first crank up and test drive. What fun. Fred V

Reverse Trike -- Mako T3
First day out at Winton race track for this custom built reverse trike.

Reverse trike similar to T Rex, Rayvolution, M-Ride and TR1ke being driven quite quickly.
For some reason almost all the reverse trike videos on YouTube don't seem to show them being driven quickly. The Campagna T Rex in particular is usually shown being parked or dribbling along some Boulevard somewhere. Even the Rayvolution and others videoed at a race track don't look like they are anywhere near the limit. I developed the Tri Pod primarily as a great handling trike (or three wheeled kit car) that would appeal to drivers, not posers. It is a simple light design with fun as the prime goal. It maybe the most affordable kit car to build in Australia. $20,000 will get one built, less if you scrounge around and also fabricate some parts yourself. A basic kit to get you started is around $8000 and includes the chassis and wishbones, and all the fibreglass panels you need. Further info on kit availability and cost is here - In car footage at the track is here - In car footage on the road is here - A trailer for the trip to Cape York which formed part of component quality testing in 2013 is here - Thanks for looking, Regards, Andrew.

reversed trike
reverse trike honda goldwing,