Jorge's Reverse Turbo Trike Final PHYES 341 Dream to reality.

Reverse trike, 1000cc Kawasaki turbocharged (T28 turbo), Sorry it took so long to post this video, but I already started another project which can briefly see in the video (backpack helicopter, the BOB is wearing). Anyway after the 8 months that took to get the license in Denver, finally took it to the streets for a real drive. Watch and join me in the cockpit of this fun toy. Check up the website for more details, hope you like it.

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G-3 reverse trike faster than a t-rex motorcycle

Tri Pod 1 kit reverse trike three wheeler. Dec 2014
Tri Pod 1 reverse trike is available as a kit or as a turnkey car. You can also build your own from our plans and fibreglass panels. It is designed and built in Australia and is sold both in Australia and in the USA. Engine choice is currently Firestorm, Bandit 1250, Blackbird and FZ1. Triumph 1050 triple coming soon! 0 - 100kph in around 5 seconds and a top speed well in excess of 200kph (Blackbird model). The incredible lightness makes them an absolute hoot to drive. Easily registered in all states of Australia and the US.

American Chopper: OCC Reverse Trike
The reverse trike built in honour of American farmers is an OCC first. Find out what Senior has to say about this unique chopper.

CarraBusa Enclosed Reverse Trike
Reverse Trike