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Smoking machine by Kristoffer Myskja

30.000 RPM CD Rom permanent erase. ©
More destruction, follow link. A Compact Disc on a Dremel spun up to 30.000 RPM, and touched with a pin removing the surface layer. The disc fell from the Dremel and shattered on contact with the ground. Do not attempt this at home, shards of plastic can puncture the skin at extremely high speeds. Eye protection was worn, during this disc erase.

NO scam (it's a REAL DEAL) Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor demo at Delft University
Turkish retired police officer he spend all his retirement money and in 2 years he was able to perfected this magnet powered motor. At the end of the video he takes the motor a part and shows all plastic parts filled with magnets. There are no hidden wires, no batteries attached. He is using propulsion power of the rear earth powerful magnets. After he secured a World Patent he openly demonstrated his magnet motor at various universities in Europe. Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor presentation at the delft university in the netherlands Please see his world patent here: Also see on Rex page his undisclosed permanent magnet smaller motor that was powering a small car alternator he demonstrated, while he was waiting his World Patent. Many people have demonstrated similar magnet powered motors, I am sure there is lot more permanent magnet powered motors yet to be invented. Who knows, you maybe the one who will invent next version of this permanent magnet motor.

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