Toan's L28 Turbo 240z 245rwhp 310lb/tq

Dyno'd @ Tech3 245rwhp 310lb/tq @ 16psi

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3.0L turbo nitrous 240Z
Featured is Robert Austin's 3.0L turbo & Nitrous equipped Datsun 240Z at the annual California Z-bash. The car is equipped with a T4 turbo and a direct port Nitrous system capable of delivering 150hp worth of Nitrous. The engine is fresh in this video and isn'tpushed very hard. Note that no Nitrous was used in the video either.

S30Z エンジン始動動画 turbo S30Z L28 tuning
1 キーを回す。 2 スイッチ 左(燃料ポンプ電源) 3 スイッチ 真ん中(サブアクセサリー電源) セル始動する。 4 スイッチ 右(電動ファン電源)


26 lb run, turbo Datsun.
In car run