Toan's L28 Turbo 240z 245rwhp 310lb/tq

Dyno'd @ Tech3 245rwhp 310lb/tq @ 16psi

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26 lb run, turbo Datsun.
In car run

L28 turbo swapped into my 240z.
Swapped in an l28et into my z. Cant wait to drive it! i later found this engine was in a front end crash, the distributor was cracked and bent slightly causing intermittent ignition missfire. i replaced it with a new one, now she runs even better!

DOHC Twin Cam L28 Datsun Z Car
Here is the FIRST fire up of the DOHC L series Z car. It is three twin cam Ka24de heads, "molded" together. Twin turbo.

Datsun 1975 280Z S30 For Sale Nissan GTR Grey
Check out the Ebay listing here item= Up for sale is my Datsun 280Z S30 in Nissan GTR Grey. This car is a great reliable toy. Fuel Injected 5K miles on the Engine Ice cold A/C R12 Heated Seats 4 speed manual Transmission Get ready for neck snapping looks when your driving this thing.