Girl in Toyota Supra

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Girl in Toyota Subra (full version)
How to make a man Happy ;) Ein Mädchen steigt bei einem Rennfahrer in seinen Toyota Supra. Bis ihr die Bluse platzt . . . Полная перегрузка на гонках for the +18 version klick here:

Sexy Gisele jumping in a Raptor
We were going to shoot a promo for TX2K13 with a Lamborghini but it was wet and rainy out so we too Gisele (XOGisele) out for some off road action. And yes I'm aware jumping a Raptor has nothing to do with TX2K but I did it anyway! Check out HTC Facebook HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page:

Girl in Toyota Supra Reaction Full HD.mp4 .mp4
Meet hot women online! The Toyota Supra has become an icon over the years, with the Japanese coupe building a rock-solid reputation among tuners and drifters. However, there's a hidden secret nobody wants you to know. Sure the Supra is great for tearing tires apart and is extremely tuning-friendly, but this is not the car's best asset. OK, we'll get to the point and give you the secret owners want to keep for themselves: the Supra has a special power that allows it to tear your girl passenger's clothes once you start drifting. This is also the reason why Toyota hasn't released a new Supra until now - the company has lost the recipe for gifting the car with this ability and just can't build a new one until it finds it. If you don't trust us, you can see it happening in the adjacent video. Staged, but still funny!

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