Gatebil -07: Jonus 90tq vs Norris Evo and The Reyland Escort

Jonus 90tq vs Norris Evo and The Reyland Escort at the Gatebil 1/8 mile dragrace july -07

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Film by Hans Haug Gear ////// Camera: Sony nex FS700rh Lens: Sony E PZ 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS and Samyang 12mm T2.2 Cine Tripod: Manfrotto MVK502AM-1

Jonus Audi S2 1200hp (vs American muscle Chavelle SS) @ Gatebil
European Muscle vs American Muscle - Jonus Audi S2 1200hp vs Supercharged Chavelle SS V8 200m @ Gatebil

Audi power
Audi power and some other cars at Gatebil

Gatebil End of Season Mantorp Park 2016 - Who The F*ck Needs an Umbrella Edition
The follow-up to this summers blockbuster! This was my favorite movie ever to make because I finally had the chance to incorporate all the great things in life like bikini-babes, brutally powered racecars and videogame characters! What's not to love!? Many thanks to the swedish/norwegian partyduo BEK & Wallin for providing the suitable partymusic and "None Like Joshua" for the SUPERB Mario dubstep mix! Pay these guys a visit, give them a like and party hard! BEK & Wallin: Facebook: Spotify: Instagram: None Like Joshua: Facebook: Spotify: