Nascar Crashes #5: 1960s-1970s

Sorry the full song is not in this video. Youtube forced me to change the song. I will make a whole video with this song. I promise

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From the 1980's and earlier.

NASCAR- They lost their way
NASCAR has lost it's way, how did this happen? I watched it from the 1970's up until all these rule changes that benifit only one automaker, and force all the cars to look like one. Puke. No more exciting finishes, no more great drivers with experience, like Petty and Pearson. NASCAR has left me behind, like the democrats did to Ronald Reagan. And by the numbers and ratings for the last Daytona 500,,,I'm not the only one. Perhaps they will find a fanbase like the faithful that we were, perhaps not. Good Luck NASCAR, you can do it without me.