1991 Dodge Spirit R/T usa

1/4 mile pass in my Dodge. Stock downpipe, 3" Exhaust, +20 injectors, 12psi Boost. From the factory: Forged pistons, forged crankshaft, DIS, Lotus designed cross-flow pent roof 16 valve DOHC cylinder head, 5 speed manual with Getrag internals.

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'91 Dodge Spirit R/T, HE351, quick on-ramp merge @18psi
FMIC, HE351@18psi, quick pull to test new catch can setup.

1991 Dodge Spirit RT
Stock engine with 3inch Exhaust cut-out, CAI, and 2 more pounds of Boost. (13lbs.)

Lengel's '91 spirit rt 587whp@30psi

Spirit RT
Evento Montemorelos, N.L.