Race Day IDRC 2011

A Traditional just show races from opening day at IDRC 2011..I do not show times (for cars protection) & if your car is in the video & would not like it to be viewed Please let me know. Thanks

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Life-Style: Ghost Riders 2.0
OsosiK Media FCS Racing Integra 2011 Season Welcome2ourLife-Style Coming soon

Erick's Racing Turbo Civic 8.8 run @ IDRC 04-23-2011
Erick's Racing Engines turbo Honda Civic 8.8 run at IDRC 04-23-2011

Corvette ZR1 racing at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.mpg
This video was produced and is licensed by Canyon Run Videos (www.canyonrunvideos.com). This video shows a 2010 ZR1 Corvette at a Speed Ventures track day at Auto Club Speedway in Fotana, CA. Canyon Run Videos will shoot you driving your car on the track or on any of our different locations in southern California. We use GoPro Hero HD cameras on our multi-camera shoots that are now separately recorded in full digital stereo audio using the Zoom Digital Recorder with the Wind Jacket from www.TheWindCutter.com. This give our new videos clear crisp audio without wind noise that will ruin any video production. This video did not have this new audio process and you can hear the wind noise in the long straightaways. Please contact us at: sales@canyonrunvideos.com to discuss about the video you would like to show you car driving on a twisting road or on the track. Kent Canyon Run Videos

Erick's Racing: Gio's Crx
Ososik Media www.facebook.com/ososikmedia Here is showcase of Gio's Honda Crx along with a great World Wide known Shop/Tuner (Erick's Racing). This team has been around many states and countries (supported strongly in Latin America) tuning and working on road race or drag race cars, out of country or at base in Baldwin Park, CA. Erick's racing will continue to be themselves and keep the Sport Compact Scene Alive. This video is only the beginning ERICK'S RACING has brought along OSOSIK MEDIA for their 2012 Race Season. Erick's Racing (626) 939-3331