1979 Thunderbird - Fast as HELL!!

1979 T-Bird going fast down a road.

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1955 Ford Thunderbird: Back in Black -- /BIG MUSCLE
It's been in the same family for the better part of 50 years. Been modified with performance and weight savings in mind, and is one of the sleekest looking cars we've ever come across. This 1955 Ford Thunderbird is no secretaries car, but a purpose built award winning street machine that was built in a time before resto-modding old cars was all the rage.

1979 Ford Thunderbird
Told some people I would make a short vid of my 1979 Thunderbird, Don't expect much, it was snow covered and I'm surprised it started as quick as it did due to not being started in days and being as cold as it was.

1996 Ford Thunderbird V8 4.6L For Sale Chicago FAST! Clean! Sexy Red!

Thunderbird 1979
Ford Thunderbird