TE cortina burnout Tas

first attempt out the burnout comp. had problems with the carby breaking down at high revs dont use a 350 holley on a 250 x flow will replace with a dual throat weber and hopefully that will solve my problems.

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CYCOV8 the little Cortina that was
http://www.modifiedcarforums.com The story of CYCOV8, the trials and tribulations of a little Cortina that lived life on the limiter. Burnouts, powerskids, drag racing and cruises were it's specialty for so long. However as they say, live on the limiter, die on the limiter!

SPEEDY 8sec 6cyl Cortina
If Cortinas are good for anything, they're good for dropping huge horsepower engine into so they can go really, really fast. That's because they're light as hell. They're also reasonably cheap too; well they used to be before they all rusted away. Jim Grilis from Speedy Differentials owns this wickedly fast Cortina and it's running a very decent Ford six under the bonnet. From memory, he took a BA/BF Typhoon motor and made it a whole bunch better. It certainly goes quick enough.

TE Cortina 250 Worked
The old girls last strap before it gets rebuilt, note the cops at the end =p

solid cam 250 cross flow te cortina
quick vid of a real engine in action!!