Worlds Fastest Viper on Pump Gas - Lee Saunders 7.99

Lee Saunders made an exhibition pass at the 2008 Pump Gas Drags on April 11, 2008 setting a new record for the fastest pass on Pump Gas in a Viper - 7.99 @ 183MPH. This Twin 90mm setup was built by Heffner Performance

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Rocky Mountain Race Week - Day 4 Highlights!
On the fourth day of Rocky Mountain Race Week, tons of action was happening - motor carnage, new personal bests, and brutal road stories traveling through the pits! Race Week has proven to be a true test of street cars and shows what it takes to make it down the road to the next track! We wrap up Day 4 with all the highlights and craziest action! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Submit your video to us ►

Onboard video from a 6 second Nitro Dragster
Sunday I had the pleasure of taking my in-car camera setup to a whole new record E/T, a 6.90 @ 202MPH riding on the back of a crazy ass nitro car making some test passes. Thanks to Sean and the crew for "NITRO MADNESS" for letting me throw the camera on there.

Pump Gas Drags 2007 DVD Trailer - 1320Video
ORDER AT brings you Hot Rod Magazine's 2007 Pump Gas Drags! From start to finish, 1320Video caught it all on film! Cars running Drag Radials, pump gas, no wheelie bars, and no support vehicles/trailers run in the 7's, 8's, and 9's to battle it out for the title of having the nations quickest pump gas vehicle!

Fork Lift ENGINE SWAP at the Track!?!?
Most people trailer their car home and fix it over a matter of weeks or months after melting a piston… not this hard core racer! On Rocky Mountain Race Week there’s no time to waste, with the requirement to DRIVE to each of 4 tracks over 5 days and make a pass, if you don’t make it by 3:00pm you’re OUT! Unfortunately for this crew, their engine decided to give out due to a lean condition and the only way to make it to the next track and stay in the competition was to swap the engine. Swapping a junk yard 6.0L LS2 out for another junk yard engine, but a smaller 4.8L version, 5 hours later they were on the road and back in the competition thanks to a track’s forklift used to hoist the engine in and out of the car! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Submit your video to us ►