I take NO credit for this video. It was uploaded to You Tube by mecsdgp with comments being disabled. I would like to know your thoughts - Is this real or is a hoax? What orientation are the magnets and materials are used.

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Magnet motor RPM Test 4W at 23000RPM HQ
Motor magnético sacado de un ventilador,sólo se utiliza un amplificador de audio 1 canal para hacer funcionar el motor variando la frecuencia con un programa de audio llamado audacity teniendo una aceleración constante de casi 3 minutos.El punto de este motor que funciona con 4 cables, 2 son de entrada de señal de audio y los otros dos son de salida de energía. Asi por ejemplo el consumo inicial a minimas vueltas es de 12W, pero el consumo máximo a 23000RPM es de solo 4W, su velocidad lineal equivalente es de 140Km/h. Esto no tiene ningún circuito ni transistores ni nada como dije antes solo un amplificador de audio y un generador que hago con la tarjeta de sonido del ordenador. Se enfasa la señal sinusoidal de audio con las rpm del motor,con solo una señal de audio grabada se podría hacer un motor programable en cualquier aspecto sin depender de complejos microprocesadores. Un saludo Magnetic motor removed from a ventilator, only using a 1-channel audio amplifier to drive the engine by varying the frequency of an audio program called audacity to have a constant acceleration of almost 3 minutes.Thepoint of this engine that works with 4 wires , 2 are input audio signal and the other two are energy output. So for example the minimal initial consumption is around 12W at 0-1000Rpm, but the maximum consumption of only 4W is 23000RPM, equivalent linear speed is 140 km / h. This has no circuit or transistor or anything as I said only an audio amplifier and a generator to do with the computer sound card. It phased sinusoidal audio signal with the engine rpm, with only a recorded audio signal to an engine could be programmed at any point without relying on complex microprocessors. A greeting

Magnet Motor concept and How magnetic shielding works
this magnet motor concept came from other videos i have seen youtube...i only explain the way one type of material will work for magnetic shielding, although there are more ways to shield magnets. I believe in free energy....although if this magnet motor were to work I wouldn't consider it perpetual motion because magnets don't work forever..(only about 100 to 400 years..depending on the manufacturer) neodymium magnets will not necessarily wear out faster if they are in a constant repulsion mode.

Britek Tire Energy Return Wheel... Autonomous Never Flat
Our First Neighborhood Roll . Watch and follow our Journey! goto: Vote for your size, learn more about the next generation of "Run Smart " tires. :) Roll Flat, No Air, Never Flat, Real Super Tweel, Save Gas, Save energy, better Gas Mileage, Energy Return Wheel, Airless tire, better than Michelin Tweel, Future Car Wheel.

The $10,000 Magnet Motor Challenge***THE CHALLENGE IS CLOSED!!!***
***ANNOUNCEMENT 2/2/2014*** **MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO DATE!** I recently received notice that HHOinfo's channel has been forcibly taken down likely by people falsely marking his channel as spam. We already know people who take advantage of the innocent by selling 'plans/investments' in their 'magnet motors' and/or 'HHO' have no scruples and if allowed to get away with this then will only continue to target everyone else who stands in their way of stealing from well intentioned people. This MUST be brought to YouTube's attention! Call, email, message, make videos, let others know and let's get Allen his channel back! ***ANNOUNCEMENT 9/29/2013*** I can't believe I am posting this, but... There is a new 'app' available for your phone that is so cool I am almost tempted to break down and buy a cell just to have this application. Here is the link: bleep... ***ANNOUNCEMENT 8/1/2013**** HHOinfo has put up a new and interesting video on HHO, be sure to check it out! ***ANNOUNCEMENT 5/28/2013*** There is a fellow youtuber with information about HHO (using electrolytic cells to produce hydrogen from water to supposedly increase the fuel economy of internal combustion engines). It is an interesting channel and worth a visit! Here is the link: ***ANNOUNCEMENT 5/14/2013*** There have been many questions raised about our current understanding of Physics, listed below is a very useful forum full of people very knowledgeable about this topic, and is a good place to learn even more about science than our comment section. I have used it extensively and find it a valuable resource! ***ANNOUNCEMENT 4/8/2013*** @TheOldScientist There have been comments lately about the Steorn motor and the inventors claims about overunity. Here is a link to a fellow YouTuber, TheOldScientist, that built a replica for testing: QOiPxvFwJPVk-4&lch=email_reply&feature=em-comment_reply_received Building these devices for testing takes a great deal of effort, be sure to comment, like and subscribe if you find his video(s) interesting. ***ANNOUNCEMENT 4/1/2013*** V-gate motors seem to keep coming up in the comment section so here is a link to the first in a 3 part series about building a replica 'motor' by Isaiahritchey. It takes a lot of effort to build a replica this exact so be sure to comment, rate and subscribe to his channel. There are also many other beautiful replica's on his channel, very interesting stuff! ***NOW BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED DESCRIPTION*** This video was first published 3 years ago with the intent of fishing out anyone claiming to have built an overunity device. In that time frame there have been several people leaving comments and sending private messages having claimed to either built such a device or have access to one. Of all those claims not a single one has ever come to fruition. The rules were very simple: 1. It can be made from cheap parts 2. It does not have to be well built 3. it just has to work ;) It's unfortunate that the challenge has to come to an end but the money is needed in other places at the moment. After graduation I will post it back up which should be sometime in 2015. The comment section will of course always be open and I will continue to check private messages. Even though there is no financial reward from this channel at this time if anyone were to manage to create an overunity device I would spend the remainder of my life dedicated to it's research and development.