I take NO credit for this video. It was uploaded to You Tube by mecsdgp with comments being disabled. I would like to know your thoughts - Is this real or is a hoax? What orientation are the magnets and materials are used.

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Fun with fidget spinners and super strong magnets!
In this video I muck around with some cool fidget spinners and super strong (but small) neodymium magnets! I show off the fidget spinners, and their variety of colours. You can use the magnets to build your own custom big fidget spinner. I've linked below some super strong magnets (even some big ones, be careful!) But now I've got a whole series of fidget spinners as this video was quite successful, so check them out :) They include some with lasers, LEDs and other great stuff. Fidget Spinner: Magnets: Tungsten weight block: Large Cube magnet: (Affiliate links) Watch this space, because soon i'll be releasing a video about how to measure the speed of a fidget spinner! Music: Contact me here: ============= My setup: (Affiliate links) Microphone: Camera: Video editing software: Monitor: Streaming software: ============= Want to chat on Facebook? Like my page:

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Free Energy Magnet Motor (Engine)

Free Energy step by step
Building the overunity Free Energy magnet motor - generator step by step: