Rankin Ford's "The Wild Child" 427 SOHC Falcon

I saw this car at the 2010 East Coast Camaro Club's car show at DeSantis Chevy in Brockton, MA. I have no idea if it is the real deal, but it appears so, other than the missing original dash, different hood and induction, or the exact paint job. It is a Ford Falcon drag car with a rare 427 cu. in. SOHC FE engine, done by Rankin Ford in London, ON Canada. Current owner is from MA. Pump up the volume and enjoy.

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1965 Ford Falcon Dragster; The Wild Child
This is the Wild Child, with Ev Rowse behind the wheel, blowing up at IRP in July 2007. The full Wild Child Story: http://bit.ly/TheWildChild In 1965, Ford of Canada built only seven special Falcons equipped with a 289 CI - 271 HP "Mustang HiPo" motor. Of these seven, three were produced as B/FX (factory experimental) racecars using many special non-production performance parts. Rankin Ford's Wild Child, Wood Larkin's Gold Digger, and Don Haver's Mr. 289 were the only Factory Experimental Falcons that were actually built . The most successful of these B/FX racers was the "The Wild Child" as it was also the only factory B/FX Falcon further developed and raced as a 427 cubic inch fuel-burning B/A, a C/XS Funny Car, and finally in 1967 as an A/FX with a 427 SOHC motor. The Wild Child is also the only one of these three Factory Experimental cars known to still exist today.

1965 AFX 427 SOHC test drive.wmv
Just a quick update on the car.For the most part finished, just a couple little things.Heres a walk around and a bit of a Test drive. This actually is the first time Ive driven it down the road.Weather and Holidays so, Merry X-Mas to me. It was awesome so far no issues exept those Pie crust slicks just spin all the time. Barely get on the throttle and they spin. AWESOME Perfect street car other than I think i just went through 2 gallons of Fuel to do this Video.

Tom Fry's 427 SOHC Cammer 740HP Dyno Pull | QMP Racing
Tom Fry's 427 SOHC Cammer on the Dyno making 740hp. This engine will be going into a '63 Galaxie and will run on normal pump gas. Thanks for watching; remember to watch in HD! QMP Racing is located in Chatsworth, CA Check out our website: www.qmpracing.com Like us: facebook.com/qmpracing Tags: Dynamometer chatsworth race Dyno QMP engine Racing Drag Mustang Burnout turbo Exhaust Camaro Corvette Cars Cobra Muscle Street Mile Supra Shelby Pontiac turbocharger Ford Paradise "Drag Racing" "Chevrolet Corvette" Dodge Twin "Drag Race" Stock Mazda Boost HP horse power torque Run "Burnout Paradise" muscle galaxie 63 cammer SOHC 427 nos nitro Nitrous oxide Automobiles Ls1 Z28 Holden Truck Loud Raceway Z06 Rx7 Performance Dragster Rev Custom Viper Srt4 Rotary

1965 A/FX Falcon, Dearborn Thunder
A/FX Falcon