1967 Oulton Park Gold Cup Saloons

The Ford Falcon race, much enlivened by the spectacular three-wheeled Cortinas of Graham Hill & Jackie Ickx. Not many people know there is a small lake in the trees if you go over the Esso Banking. Graham Hill will remember that. From original Super8 cine film by Dr Brian Watson. Copyright Dr Brian Watson. www.brianwatsonphoto.co.uk

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Oulton Park Gold Cup 1971
Filmed by Eddie Whitham

Introducing Oulton Park - from 8 August 1953!
A video from the year that Cheshire's glorious Oulton Park race circuit first opened its doors!

Oulton Park Test Day - Crash - Brake Failure
Crash starts around 15m 10s. The pin that connects the brake pedal to the master cylinder fell out. I found out at Shell oil hair pin... No brakes at all, you can see me trying the pedal multiple times. It's a shame as the track was just drying out and I was starting to really enjoy the track :(

Lotus Cortina
This is the fastest mk1 Lotus Cortina in Australia and what a drive by Scott Fleming