Corvette ZR1 SLR McLaren 722 GT - Fast Lane Daily - 20Dec07

The Corvette ZR1 is shown, look at that sexy SLR McLaren 722 GT, and is Honda, errr, Acura doing something special with the next NSX? Hosted by Ray Wert, Editor-In-Chief of Follow FLD on Twitter: FLD Facebook Page: FLD Forum: Submit your stories to the feed and get them featured on the show @

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BMW CS GT Audi R8 Targa - Fast Lane Daily - 21Dec07
A BMW CS GT Concept, what will Audi be releasing in Detroit, and VW talks about the new seven-speed DSG. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis. Visit and vote for what you want in the show.

Porsche 9FF GT9 Nissan GT-R - Fast Lane Daily - 19Dec07
Porsche tuning shop 9FF boasts 250 MPH, Baileyspeed cuts with deeply with the Blade, and a car made of wood?! Hosted by Derek DeAngelis. Submit your stories to the feed and get them featured on the show @

2015 Memorial Day Special “Cars that best represent America!" - Fast Lane Daily
It’s Memorial Day here in the United States so we have the day off, but we are still bringing you a “Man on the Street” special! Derek D heads to the famous Madison Square Garden to ask people what car they think best represents America. You’d be surprised at what some people say. We also do a fun word association game. So enjoy our Memorial Day Special and let’s not forget what today really means! Hosted by Derek D. Fast Lane Daily is back on iTunes! Click here: FLD Twitter: FLD Facebook: FLD on Instagram: Derek D Twitter: Have a tip? Email us: FLD wear:

Barrett-Jackson ZR-1 Acura NSX - Fast Lane Daily - 22Jan08
The first new Corvette ZR1 goes for big dollars, Acura designers choke on the new NSX and it's spy-photo madness in the rumor mill. Hosted by Matt Farah of New York Motor Club and host of Garage419. Visit and vote for the stories you want to see.