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VW Golf Mk 7 Production, Wolfsburg plant, 2013
Footage of VW Golf production at the Wolfsburg plant. Watch all VW Golfs, from Mk1 to Mk 6, being built: D-wY8tLczygYJgH8zOqN9ccbypWLvc

World's biggest car delivery center Video Reuters
Visit: videoId=232867514 The two gleaming glass towers of Volkswagen's Autostadt, or car town, house technology which automatically moves cars from VW's Wolfsburg plant to the towers, to the customer center where they are collected by their owners.

Volkswagen Polo Production Plant Pamplona

Over the Edge: Volkswagen Plant
Volkswagen's Chattanooga, Tennessee factory marks a global first. MotorWeek takes a look at why social responsibility and producing cars go hand-and-hand at this assembly plant.