fast xb drag racing

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Scion Bullet xB - NHRA Summit Series
Scott Kelley is representing Scion Racing in the NHRA Summit Series, taking on all challengers with his Scion Bullet xB drag car. Check out the video to hear him talk about the ins and outs of competing in the series.

V8 Scion xb
At 2012 College Park Tuning Meet

Kelley Racing xB Debut
Kelley Racing debuts its Scion xB at the SIR Dragway in Tucson, Arizona.

210,000 mile Review of Scion xB
I've owned my Scion xB since 2009, when I bought it new. It's been the most dependable car I've ever had. It's never been in the shop for repair, never been on a tow truck. 210,000 miles and hopefully headed to 300,000.