Honda VFR 750 Drag Race

Honda VFR 750 Drag Race at Thompson Drag Raceway

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Mike's Mach 1 Mustang
My buddy Mike's Mach 1 Mustang. Rented out Thompson Drag Raceway in Thompson OH. Fastest pass was an 11.86 @ 118. Filmed with a GoPro camera. Relatively stock car.....Stock long block with 17" tires. 100 shot of Nitrous

Street Triple R chasing - a lesson in cornering from a VFR800
Out for a ride when a Street Triple R went past and gave me a text book demonstartion in cornering. Glad I had the camera rolling, wasn't even going to bring it.

Honda Vfr 750 rc36vol.II

Euro Trip on Honda VFR 800 VTEC
So here it is .... After weeks of sifting through video and 22 hours of uploading here is our Euro trip in all of its (slightly long) 38 minute glory! I apologise for the length of it (insert penis joke her) but I didn't want to hack it into pieces because it is essentially a record for myself but if you are going to watch it I suggest you pull up a beer and settle in. Hope you enjoy it! PS.. Sorry to all my subs for the complete lack of activity lately. Just occasionally life takes over nut normal service will be resumed ASAP. Thanks and please like, share and comment to help get my channel moving again !