mach 1 vs c6 z06

Racing at the track

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2003 Mustang Mach 1 vs. 1988 Mustang LX Procharged (Race 2)
Byron Dragway. September 20th, 2008. 85+ degrees. Mach 1: Intake, Exhaust, Tune Fox: Procharger, heads, cam, etc. Fox's clutch burns up off the line, and slips down the track. Mach bogs (very first trip to the strip).

Procharged F1 Z06 vs. Single Turbo Mach 1
Procharged F1 Built LSX Z06 Single turbo Mach 1

Eaton swapped Mach 1 vs stock 08 GT500
First race from a dig Second from about a 30mph roll

Mustang Mach 1 vs C5 Z06 corvette
my Mach 1 vs a C5 Z06 with a 402 stroker motor. not sure what other mods. Got my ass whooped. He ran a 10.90. I ran a 13.83