Joy ride in NOVA * LEE / 1974 Nova walk-around

Take a ride w/ me in NOVA * LEE on I-275 in beautiful St. Petersburg Florida. Components / Specs at 5:55, so skip ahead to there to see just the walk-around. Previous owner's YouTube video of this same car: Music: 1.) Artist: Zao Song: Growing in Grace Album: All Else Failed 2.) Artist: Red Roots Song: Double Wide Church Album: Red Roots These songs don't belong to me, they belong to their respective owners and can be downloaded at, check them out! Cameras: Sony HDR-HC7 in the passenger compartment Vivitar DVR 508 duct-taped to the driver side door Software: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Thank you for checking this out and subscribe if you'd like! ~Jason.

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este es mi nova por el exterior pronto subiere un videito donde sale el karro por dentro y por fuera y ps uno donde este kimando pokita llanda jajaja saludos

Take a ride in a 1974 nova!
Weather's right, why not?

1974 Chevrolet Nova Burnout and 120 mph
Here we take my friend's Nova for a little spin, and do a surprise at the end.

Starting my dads 1974 Chevy Nova 350 after six YEARS
this nova had sat for six years in the same spot until we dragged it out and found out the left front drum was locked up so we got it free rolled it to the shop and started cleaning it up and getting it running....after we filled the the float bowls it started on the first crank...gotta love a holly. Its got: a holly four barrel carb.(not sure what model) a wiend highrise intake manifold turbo 350 trans. headers not sure what brand separate trans cooler air ride suspension magnum 5 spoke wheels and cherry bomb Exhaust