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Joy ride in NOVA * LEE / 1974 Nova walk-around

Take a ride w/ me in NOVA * LEE on I-275 in beautiful St. Petersburg Florida. Components / Specs at 5:55, so skip ahead to there to see just the walk-around. Previous owner's YouTube video of this same car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH4zqNRPMlM Music: 1.) Artist: Zao Song: Growing in Grace Album: All Else Failed 2.) Artist: Red Roots Song: Double Wide Church Album: Red Roots These songs don't belong to me, they belong to their respective owners and can be downloaded at Amazon.com, check them out! Cameras: Sony HDR-HC7 in the passenger compartment Vivitar DVR 508 duct-taped to the driver side door Software: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Thank you for checking this out and subscribe if you'd like! ~Jason.


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1974 Nova
Recorded on January 28, 2012

71 Nova for sale 336 309 9154 going thru the gears up and down 5 speed
1971 Nova

Bad BLOWN Nova Drag Car Cold Start 14psi 650+hp
My Pro Street Nova. Has been featured in magazines and has pulled record Dyno numbers for sbc w/steel 882 heads. Titanium valves, roller rockers, full port job, etc. etc. Check out my channel to see more! https://www.facebook.com/tinman2kustoms https://twitter.com/Tinman2Kustoms

Nova walk around

Bad Drivers in Portland 24
Clips in order: 1. Driver in my lane honks back at me...turns out to be my friend messing with me. 2. Truck pulls across me too close. 3. Stop sign runner steals my turn. 4. Crazy lane change and cut off. 5. Two drivers using the fairly large cycle lane as a right turn lane. 6. Saturn MUST PASS TRUCK...who btw is doing 32 in a 30. 7. First an Accord who arrived last at the stop sign tries to go first, and then an SUV tries to cut in front of me...would have simply blocked my lane. 8. Really close cut in 9. Same driver does a "brake" dance...which is funny if you know the difference between "brake" and "break". 10. Car fails to yield, cuts me off, and cuts the corner...apparently wants to be smacked. 11. Cyclist cuts off a car. 12. Cut off on the freeway onramp. 13. Piece of crap Geo Metro convertible cutting across parking spaces in front of me. 14. CRV does an illegal U-turn on the HWY 26 @185th overpass. 15. Jay-runner asking to be run over. Lucky I stop at the crosswalk. 16. No turn on red...three drivers ignore the sign...and everyone is in the bike lane. 17. Dumb jay-walker with her 4 year old son. 18. Minivan wants over...misses an oppurtunity...and then slows down when I try to let her in. 19. Parked car pulls right out, cutting off a car. 20. Subaru forces me to brake hard as she cuts across my lane. 21. People swerving on the freeway for crap in the road. 22. SUV really cuts the corner...more than the last guy. 23. Matrix just sits in the lot. I flash my brights. 24. Parking lights don't count as headlights. 25. Queue jumper cuts me off bad. I was NOT going to let her in...slightly aggresive on my part. 26. Same queue jumper veers around someone in the oncoming lane. 27. REALLY SLOW pull out...less than 10mph in a 40 zone. 28. Orange and then red light runner. 29. Queue jumping Californian cuts me off. 30. Little green Civic blows a stop sign and cuts across my lane. 31. Car blocking the crosswalk...and then a car who waits for a pedestrian to walk across 5+ lanes...and now he can't pick a lane...I wanted to overtake! 32. Dude blows a stop sign bad. 33. Ancient man in a Town Car slowly works his way around a parked car. 34. Red light running Audi. 35. Bus makes a wide turn in front of me...not a bad driver...merely an observation. 36. Huge semi-truck reversing onto Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY...all four lanes of traffic stop for him. He gives a little toot at the end to thank everyone. This week was fun! A couple minutes longer than usual (about 10 more clips). Not only were there lots of bad drivers, but there was also lots of bad walkers/runners. This could be something I'm just noticing recently, or maybe just the 50 degree weather is making people get outdoors more...I don't know. There were a lot less red light runners this week too! This is very strange...usually I have to take some out because I have so many, but I included all but one (because it was hard to see) this week. I had a couple VERY close lane changes in front of me. I let them go (surprisingly) without honking or even flashing them. Maybe I'm developing a tolerance? Although...the first clip... Speaking of the first clip, I think it has been well established that I am fairly stubborn on the road, and round two of honk wars pissed me off, up until the point I realized it was my friend who was completely worthless with his uncle's SUV and was honking back at me just to screw with me, because he knows I am stubborn. I don't like being honked back at as I'm sure you long time viewers have noticed. Then, there was also the queue jumper who invoked a very strong urge to ram her. She flew past two blocks of stopped traffic in the right lane, and then cut me off attempting to get back in the right lane. I admit right now I made ZERO attempt to give her room - If you are a troll I will refer you to this description and make a fool out of you. I KNOW I was being aggressive. I hate queue jumpers. They are impatient jackasses, and I hate them. So in her case I slammed on the brakes and leaned on the horn. She easily could have avoided cutting me off by moving moving closer to the car in front, but instead she tempts fate and comes VERY close to me, and then gives me the middle finger for honking her. Anyway I'm ranting! Please enjoy video 24, and as always comments are welcome. Please rate and subscribe for a bad drivers video every week! I've gotten over 45 new subscribers in the last three weeks! Thanks everyone!

super chevy 09 texas motorplex car show pt 2
super chevy 2009 09 at the texas motorplex Camaro nova chevelle belair nomad TREMEC Transmission Car Show Series - the nation's largest single-make car show series ls1 ls2 gtm bbc sbc blower turbo supercharged ennis tx

1974 Chevy Nova Project - Part 1
Found some old footage of my Nova before I sold it. I put a lot of work into it to get it back on the road and drivable, but in the end I couldn't afford to keep it and my jeep, with no place to work on either one. It's a 74 with a 250 straight 6 and an automatic. Basic, with no options, but the body was straight except for minor rust in the lower fenders.

1974 nova start up and idle
just lettin' er run.

1974 Nova Coupe Cruising Around
1974 Nova, sbc 350 30 over (355ci), th350, thrush Exhaust with long tube headers, Isky 280 cam, for sale for $4700

1974 nova hatchback SS
this is my'new' toy. 1974 nova hatchback ss. 350 350TH 80000 original miles. I have my work cut out for me, but I've got all the time in the world to do it.

1974 Nova Yenko Deuce... that never was.
1974 Yenko Nova Clone- Although Don Yenko never made a Yenko Deuce in 1974, if he had, this could be very well be what it might have looked like. CLASSICAUTOWORX.COM This car has had over $12k put into it over the last 8 months. New paint, interior, stripes, rebuilt 350 V8 with 4v carb and rebuilt 350 trans. Has new Flowmaster Exhaust and original American Racing Torque Thrust wheels with original Yenko center caps. The front suspension has been rebuilt as well. This car is for sale. For more info visit: CLASSICAUTOWORX.com

Jeff Dingman's 1974 Nova Good Guys Auto-Cross
Auto Cross run at the 2012 Good Guys Cars show at the Big E

1974 Chevrolet Nova Burnout and 120 mph
Here we take my friend's Nova for a little spin, and do a surprise at the end.

1974 Chevy Nova
My 1974 Chevy Nova

1974 Chevy Nova for sale! $9500 - calebisbatman@excite.com
Watch Video and go to http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp;?tracktype=usedcc&searchType=25&pa geNumber=0&numResultsPerPage=50&largeNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=descendi ng&sortfield=PRICE+descending&certifiedOnly=false&criteria=K-%7CE-ALL%7CM-_ 9_%7CH-%7CD-_94_%7CN-N%7CR-75%7CI-1%7CP-PRICE+descending%7CQ-descending%7CY -_1974_%7CX-antique%7CZ-94591&aff=national&paId=250311948&recnum=0&leadExis ts=true for complete details.

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1966 Chevrolet Nova ss: 6.270 @ 223.000
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KOLBRICK, Engine: 706 cheve,

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1965 Chevrolet Nova 2 Dr HT: 8.919 @ 152.677
Greg Means, Engine: 360, Supercharger: Hall Bros 6-71 Tires: 32x14.5 Goodyears

1972 Chevrolet Nova ss: 8.920 @ 152.920
barry, Engine: 377 ci sbc, Supercharger: procharger F-2 Turbos: n\a Tires: m/t 32x14.0-15

1972 Chevrolet Nova 2 dr coupe: 8.960 @ 152.150
gary federico, Engine: 516, Tires: hoosier 14.5x32

1968 Chevrolet Nova SS: 8.975 @ 147.450
Bill Moore, Engine: 588 BBC, Tires: 33x16x151


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