Hitoshi Ogawa's Fatal Crash at Suzuka in 1992.

A very nasty crash. I did not add the sad music.

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Jeremy Lusk's Fatal Crash *Live*
Freestyle motocross rider Jeremy Lusk aged 24, died on Monday, 10 February 2009 night as a result of head injuries incurred in an accident which happened three days before during a sport contest at San Jose's Ricardo Saprissa Stadium, Costa Rica. He passed away at Calderon Guardia Hospital in San Jose, where the rescuers took him immediately after the crash. He was survived by his wife, Lauren. NOTE: I mean no disrespect to Jeremy, his fans, or his family in any way, shape, or form.

High Speed Fatal Crash
A young female driver possibly fell asleep at the wheel, precipitating this strange and tragic outcome. The van went off the freeway and down into a culvert, which seemed to guide the vehicle straight into the enclosure at the end of the line. It almost seemed like the passenger area might be wedged inside and still intact, yet the gruesome outcome was apparent when the van was pulled out by cable. It took firefighters 2 hours to carefully and respectfully extricate the victim out of the wreckage.

3 seconds from dead
This was my Safety Day recertification sky dive (gotta love the irony). I hadn't jumped in a few months, so I needed an instructor to jump with me (you need to jump every 30 days up until you get 50 or more jumps). Unknown to me, my altimeter failed (it got stuck showing 10,500 feet), and I was not altitude aware (BIG mistake) as I was focussed between my instructor and a broken altimeter. My instructor also had an all black suit on and was wearing black gloves. So every time he pointed at me, all I saw was his elbow emanating from his silhoutte. When it finally dawned on me that something was wrong, we were at approximately 1,200 feet when I waived off. We figured I pulled my main around 1,000 feet, which was just a second or so before my reserve chute deployed automatically, being fully deployed at approximately 850 feet! Nothing like landing under two chutes (which I did due to a downplane as I went to release the main). Do NOT try this on your own!!

F1 1978 Monza Ronnie Peterson fatal crash
At the hospital, Peterson's X-rays showed he had 7 fractures in one leg and 3 in the other. After discussion with Ronnie himself, the surgeons decided to operate to stabilize the bones. Unfortunately, during the night, bone marrow went into Peterson's bloodstream through the fractures, forming fat globules on his major organs including lungs, liver, and brain. By morning he was in full renal failure and was declared dead a few hours later. The cause of death was given as fat embolism