Hitoshi Ogawa's Fatal Crash at Suzuka in 1992.

A very nasty crash. I did not add the sad music.

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Hitoshi Ogawa Fatal Crash 1992 All Japan F3000

Fatal crash Golf 2.Turbo
Street racer films his own fatal crash Just because you drive a suped up Volkswagen with a bunch of racing stickers and a loud stereo doesn't actually qualify you to race a Porsche.

Gonzalo Rodriguez Fatal Crash
Gonzalo Rodríguez died on Saturday, 11 September 1999, during qualifying session for the Honda Grand Prix of Monterey at Laguna Seca, 17th round of the 1999 CART Championship. He failed to brake before the notorious double plunging Corkscrew corner, his car went off the track at full speed, bounced over the short gravel trap and crashed into a concrete barrier which was lined by only a small layer of tyres. The car cartwheeled over the barrier and landed upside down on the other side of the wall, Gonzalo Rodríguez was killed instantly by a basilar skull fracture caused by the impact with the wall. He was transferred to the Community Hospital of Monterey, where doctors Robert Keaney and Steve Olvey verified his death. The practice session was immediately suspended. The cause of the crash remained unknown, whether it was a mechanical failure or a driver error.

Toru Takahashi's Fatal Crash *Live*
As many of his competitors, Toru Takahashi ran a dual campaign in 1983, racing in the Japanese Formula 2 Championship and in the Grand Champion Series - a championship for sportscars with events held exclusively at the Fuji circuit. The opening race of this latter series was the Fuji 300 Kilometers, in which Takahashi would be classified in sixth place at the wheel of his Heroes Racing Nova 83S - BMW; that was a very good result, considering that the he started the event from the eighteenth slot on the grid. For the second round - the Fuji Gran 250 Kilometers, a race marred by Famiyasu Sato's fatal accident during practice - Takahashi continued his relationship with Heroes Racing but replaced the Nova by a more competitive MCS 4. He draw attention by qualifying in fourth place, but crashed out of the race on lap 29. He would not have better luck in the Fuji Inter 200 Miles of 04 September, when the BMW engine of the MCS expired on lap 21. The fourth and final round of the Grand Champion Series was the Fuji Masters 250 Kilometers, held on 23 October. Takahashi once again qualified his machine amongst the top runners, putting it in fifth place. At the start he took immediatelythe second place, but at the end of the second lap his BMW spun in the last turn before the start/finish straight, lost grip and literally flew in the air. The car crashed with its top into the retaining barrier, behind which a large crowd was attending the race, Takahashi and one unknown female spectator were killed in the crash. Footage of the accident shows that the roll-bar and other important safety parts of the car were completely ripped off in the impact against the barrier. The race was stopped and later restarted, shortened to forty laps. Kazuyoshi Hoshino won the race, Takahashi was listed as "did not start" in the official results.