How to ride a Motorcycle on ice and snow

This video shows my own techniques for riding my BMW K1100 LT Motorcycle on ice and snow. They've kept me safe all these years. Video re-uploaded with new audio to comply with copyright laws. I don't use any special tyres, just normal road tyres, however I do lower the tyre pressure. I normally run with around 40psi, but I drop it down to around 33psi for these conditions. I'm a Medical Despatch Rider so I don't have the option of taking a car to work. And if I don't ride, I don't get paid. If you decide to use any of the advice in the video or this description, you do so at your own risk! Just take it slow and smooth and you'll be ok. Have fun and stay safe! Twitter: Website: Facebook: Don't forget to subscribe! :D :D :D Royalty free music by :)

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