Shelby Charger broken wastegate actuator

Figured out that my wastegate actuator on my Dodge Shelby Charger was broken which was why I was only stuck at 4psi, no matter what I set my Manual Boost Controller to.

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Wastegate Actuator Testing
Testing wastegates to see if we can get some more Boost! Holset Actuator idea from JusMX141: tuator.319128/

Wastegate test
a wastegate from a Mitsubishi 15g turbo from a mid 90s Volvo 850 turbo being tested by a Kent-Moore wastegate tester.

Shelby Charger T1 to T2 #1
video # 1 of 6. My 87 shelby charger. Im converting it from t1 to t2 and will be showing you the way to do it and the parts you'll need.

How to install a external wastegate
This is a video of how to install a external wastegate. A external wastegate is needed to bring down your drive pressure and ETG's (Exhaust gas temperature). The more modifications you make the more likely you will need a external wastegate. I started to have high ETG's so I installed a drive pressure gauge and then I could see why, my drive pressure was a lot higher the my Boost. So I installed a external wastegate. I have the wastegate installed before my first turbo and it is wastegated to my primary turbo. The external wastegate made a big differnce, now I can tell when my wastegate opens my drive pressure stays close to my Boost pressure.