290rwkw FG turbo INTAKE http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b153/rusty_gt/photo.jpg the battery is where the airbox would sit

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Set up the piping myself, still got to weld on a flange for the BOV but not too bad for a dodgy home job I thought... Just so we're clear, the battery was relocated to the boot and the pod is now behind the headlight surrounded by an airbox... A turbosmart v-port BOV is now positioned on the cold side where the standard airbox used to be... https://youtu.be/ES0YOfqK4oA In this video you can see intake position, so to all trolls who feel obligated to offer their expertise, here's my reply in advance... I f*cking know...

FPV FG F6 4" Turbo Back Tunehouse 4" Dump Pipe Xforce 4" Catback XR6 Turbo Exhaust Rev
Quick Sprint in my FG F6 With 4" Xforce catback and 4" Tunehouse Dump pipe. Same as XR6 turbo Falcon.

Ford FG Falcon exposed
Ford FG Falcon exposed

FG XR6 Turbo Middle Muffler Delete Sound
Had the middle muffler removed from my car yesterday. It's only until I can afford a custom system and tune. For the meantime this will do.. It sounds rather tough I think. I had the whole front half of the Exhaust made as 3" so it doesn't split then go back into single. Only other mods are a Plazmaman 4" turbo side intake and hotside Intercooler piping. Other than that nothing else touched.