290rwkw FG turbo INTAKE http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b153/rusty_gt/photo.jpg the battery is where the airbox would sit

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Ford FG Turbo Air Intake Muffler Delete

Brads FG XR6 Turbo PLazmaman Intake
FG XR6 turbo Manual PLazmaman Intake Kit Upgrade Battery Relocation Kit 3" Throttle Body Pipe Replacement Plazmaman Intercooler Piping Kit (Raw Finish) PLazmaman 4" Intake (turbo Side)

FPV FG F6 4" Turbo Back Tunehouse 4" Dump Pipe Xforce 4" Catback XR6 Turbo Exhaust Rev
Quick Sprint in my FG F6 With 4" Xforce catback and 4" Tunehouse Dump pipe. Same as XR6 turbo Falcon.

FG XR6T with T51R turbo
FG FALCON XR6T with T51R turbo with 2.5' wastegate, full 4' Exhaust, 1200 injectors