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Autobahn Country Club 9/12/2009

A couple of laps around the Autobahn Country Club at the TrackDaze event on September 12th, 2009. This was my first time here, and also the first time using a GoPro Hero wideangle camera. I mounted it to the front bumper to get a different view, and while the effect is kinda cool I think its hard to get a feel for the track layout. Anyway it was a great event and if I hadn't destroyed a rotor and developed a Boost leak I would have been back for more the next day :)


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Lemon-Aid Racing's Geo Metro Stretches its Legs at Autobahn Country Club
BMW powered Geo Metro of Lemon-Aid Racing finally makes onto the track for a few laps at the 24 hours of Lemons at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois. This video shows some handling quirks, intermittent bursts of power, some unfortunate contact with MetSHO from Charnal House (sorry guys), and passing our own E30 prior to 'splodin its brakes and sitting out after only about 40 laps.

BMW E92 M3 - Autobahn Country Club Full Track
BMW E92 M3 at Autobahn Country Club on 8/6/12 with MVP Tracktime

Autobahn Country Club - Session 3 - Group A
Third session of the day at the Autobahn Country Club, running the full course layout. The car is a stock Mazda RX8 R3. This was the last recorded session, my camera's battery died shortly after this. Recorded October 3, 2011 at the Hooked on Driving event. Video recorded with a GoPro HD. Audio recorded with a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

NASA Racing at Autobahn Country Club Raceway - Boosted Films
Video from 7-13-2013 at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet Illinois. http://www.Boostedfilms.com/?r=YTautobahn Find us on Facebook for more videos: https://www.facebook.com/BoostedFilms Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoostedFilms Tumblr http://Boostedfilms.tumblr.com/ Video Edited and produced by Paul Elertson Music: Broke for free Simple hop http://freemusicarchive.org/

Autobahn country club North course
Steve P and I having some fun :)

Session 3, Chicago SCCA PDX 1080p 5/27/2011
Third of three sessions at Autobahn South course. Brake fade was pretty evident. Had a nice little moment. See if you can spot it. Ride along was one of my students that weekend, Instructor group, car 004.

VSCDA Blackhawk Formula Vee Feature Race Highlights 6/15/2014
Highlights from the VSCDA Blackhawk Vintage Classic XXII Formula Vee Feature race. The same footage from the "Complete" race video edited down to 12 minutes (see that video for a full description of the race).

Autobahn Country Club Full 3.5 miles Driving Line Tutorial
http://www.deltavee.net Autobahn Country Club's full 3.5 mile, 21 turn circuit. Driver: Rob Schermerhorn of Delta Vee Motorsports LLC http://www.deltavee.net Private coaching and race engineering services available (chassis set up, shock tuning...), visit http://www.separationofcontrols.com to inquire.

Waterford Hills 2014 Vintage FV Feature 2 Race
Highlights from the 8 lap Formula Vee Feature Race 2 at the Waterford Hills 2014 Vintage Races on Sunday, July 27th 2014. Started 6th, finished 5th. Grid positions were determined by our finishing positions in the Saturday Feature 1 race. This time I started on the outside for Turn 1, again along side Eric Coppock, but it didn't make a difference as Eric once again was in front of me exiting the turn. On that same opening lap Eric gets by Mike Kitzmiller in Archer's Corner and the running order remains unchanged for the next 3 laps. Jumping ahead to lap 5, I get a good run on Mike down the back straight and make the pass at Archer's Corner. I then spend the rest of the race trying following Frank Newton and Eric trying to figure out a way by, with Mike on my tail the entire time. I put some pressure on Eric, enough that he's lighting up his rear right tire braking at Archer's, but we're all pretty evenly match. On the last lap I'm right on Eric so at the last moment I sweep over to the left in move more for show than anything else, as there just isn't enough straight before the finish line to make anything happen. However I didn't check my mirrors first and didn't realize Mike had taken that inside line out of the Swamp Turn and thus gave him a bit of a start when I swooped across. Sorry Mike, another reminder to always be aware of the cars around you! On a personal note, I set my fastest lap time ever in a Vee at Waterford Hills with a 1:21.141 on the final lap, besting my previous fastest lap set in 2012 by 4/10ths of a second.

NBC 5 Chicago - Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL - Feature Story
Feature story by Chicago NBC affiliate Channel 5. Story includes interviews with Mark Basso and Shawn Young.

S2000 CR at Autobahn Country Club Full Course
A couple of laps at Autobahn Country Club in a 2008 S2000 Club Racer. Attended the MVP Track Time HPDE. This is my first time driving this track.

Waterford Hills 2014 Vintage Small Bore Open Wheel Race
Highlights from the 10 lap Small Bore Open Wheel Feature Race at the Waterford Hills 2014 Vintage Races on Sunday, July 27th 2014. In an effort to beat the impending rain the race organizers combined a few classes together so everyone could get their three races in (the strategy worked perfectly, everyone got their races in and then torrential rain hit!) So our last race of the weekend combined the Formula Fords, Formula Vees and a lone Formula Junior. It was a staggered start grid so from my video you never see the non-FV cars, they were far enough ahead. I started 6th in class, our grid positions determined by our fastest timed lap of the weekend so far. I was actually able to make a few passes in this race, mainly because Mike Kitzmiller decided to save his "good" tires for Grattan and swapped back to a worn set. Eric Coppock passes Mike pretty easily in Turn 1 on the second lap, and then Mike let me by on the back straight. I then chased down Eric who was running a new set of Hoosiers (as opposed to the Dunlops we normally run). On lap 4 he gives me the point by to make the pass in Archer's. Everything is going great, I feel like I'm running fast and and putting some distance between me and the cars behind. But then coming out of the Esses on lap 5 the transmission pops out of 3rd gear. My car routinely pops out of 4th gear when making any left-hand turns as the g-forces push my leg against the shifter rod, but it NEVER pops out of 3rd. This was a sign that the engine bolts that we had tightened in-between races were coming loose again, but even more so than before. As the laps went on I could feel the engine moving around behind me, and on lap 7 the fan pulley banged up against the firewall and stayed there, making a grinding sound as it spun up against the metal panel (it sounded horrible!). That's when I called it a day, backing off and coming into the pits with only 3 laps to go. Even though I had to call it quits early it was still a really fun drive.

VSCDA ELVF 2013 Formula Vee Feature Race-Garrett Van Camp
Ride along with 1971 SCCA Formula Vee National Champion Garrett Van Camp on his First Place drive at the VSCDA Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival Formula Vee feature race at Road America on September 8th, 2013. Garrett started second on the grid, fell to fourth on the start but by Turn 5 was already back in 3rd place. What follows is a four-way battle at the front between Garrett in his '69 Lynx B (the same car he won the 1971 National Championship in, btw), Mike Jackson in a white '69 Templeton Shadowfax, Frank Newton in his red '69 Lynx B, and Chuck Buysee in a yellow '97 Kellison, with multiple lead changes on every lap. Enjoy!

Waterford Hills 2014 Vintage FV Feature 1 Race
Highlights from the 12 lap Formula Vee Feature Race 1 at the Waterford Hills 2014 Vintage Races on Saturday, July 26th 2014. Started 6th, finished 6th. Grid positions were determined by best time in the qualifying session. We had a relatively small field compared to our usual Vee races, with just 11 cars taking the starting grid. Our Pace Car was a vintage VW Beetle, very appropriate, and you can just see it cruising down pit lane as we roll towards the green flag. I was on the inside of Turn 1 as we started the race, with Eric Coppock #92 next to me. We entered side-by-side and I came up on Frank Newton #63, unsure whether to keep pushing forward or even go inside of him. I opted for caution on the first turn of the first race of the weekend, and as we exited 1 single-file the running order was Garrett Van Camp, Chuck Buysse, Mike Kitzmiller, Frank, Eric and then me. Behind me Debbie Maier held the inside line through 1 and moved up to 7th with Guy Dennehy right behind her. Debbie had a great race, never relinquishing the position and had a faster best lap time than me by almost 2/10ths of a second. It can be tough to pass as Waterford Hills when the cars and drivers are fairly well matched. I try a couple of times to get by Eric in Turn 1 but never really felt comfortable enough to press the issue entering the turn side-by-side. I was also having an issue where my motor mount bolts were coming loose, and the engine would occasionally bang into the firewall on downshifts. On lap 2 Guy has a moment in Archer's Corner, you'll see that around the 2:30 mark. He recovers nicely but never is really able to make up the ground on Debbie again. On lap 11 I had my best chance to get by Eric in Turn 1 but just couldn't make it stick. Mike Kitzmiller had a healthy lead on us up in 3rd place but went off in the Esses which allowed Frank to slip by on the entry to the Swamp Turn. That ended up being the only pass between the top 6 runners. We ran incredibly close for 12 straight laps, and the spread between positions 3rd through 7th was just over 3 seconds!

Track Daze, September 12th, 2009 at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL
Robert Borowicz driving 1995 Subaru Impreza L (with STI guts) at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL during first day of Track Daze event.

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