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Autobahn Country Club 9/12/2009

A couple of laps around the Autobahn Country Club at the TrackDaze event on September 12th, 2009. This was my first time here, and also the first time using a GoPro Hero wideangle camera. I mounted it to the front bumper to get a different view, and while the effect is kinda cool I think its hard to get a feel for the track layout. Anyway it was a great event and if I hadn't destroyed a rotor and developed a Boost leak I would have been back for more the next day :)


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VSCDA GingerMan Spring Brake 2015 Formula Vee Highlights
Highlights from the VSCDA Spring Brake at GingerMan Raceway Formula Vee Sprint and Feature races which took place on Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd 2015 respectively. Although "highlights" is probably the wrong word for this as far as my driving was concerned. If it was a Friends episode, it would be called "The One Where Jeff Forgot how to Drive Through Turn One." This is my third time in the Lynx B at GingerMan and I'm still not comfortable on this track. My car never feels planted, I have no confidence the back-end will stay where it belongs, it seems like I'm always fighting with the car to get it to go where I want. I had no track rhythm. It didn't help that all day Saturday through practice and qualifying my rear tire pressures were way too high and uneven. I figured it out before the Sprint race and the car did feel much better and my best lap time in the race was almost a full second better than my qualifying time. And thanks to a spin up at the front of the pack in Turn 3 on the first lap, I moved up from 19th to finish 12th. There's not a lot to show in the Sprint race as we spent most of it driving around behind the safety car; when it went into the pits I made the most of the one live lap to gain one more position. Given where I'd started, that I'd avoided the scrum in turn 3 and how I finished, I was feeling much better about my chances in the Sunday Feature race. Sunday morning I made some further tire pressure adjustments and went out for practice and everything felt fine. The day before we'd notice oil leaking from the left-rear hub, so we replaced the hub hoping it wasn't the seal. I didn't see any oil after practice so figured it was OK. The feature race started off well; I got a great jump at the start and made several positions. We all got through the first lap cleanly and everything was going well. I knew I was probably a second a lap slower than some of the drivers I'd passed on the start, so I wasn't surprised when Mitch, Ricky and Eric gradually reeled me in. After a lap behind Eric I thought I was getting the hang of it and we seemed to be lapping similar times, maybe I could make a race of it with him. And then it all went wrong in Turn 1. Eric was using a slightly different line through 1 than me and being rusty (it was the first race of the season) I followed him rather than concentrate on my own marks. The combination of trying to keep up (read: going too fast) and an unfamiliar line in 1 lead to a a text-book spin. Dan in the green McNamera did a stellar job avoiding me. Still, other than flat-spotting some already worn Dunlops, it seemed recoverable and I went off chasing after the positions I'd just given up. I should have been paying more attention while getting back up to speed and stayed out of the line, but I drifted over and never saw Chris in the blue Autodynamics and actually pushed him off track (I didn't even know this had happened until I was editing this video). And then two laps later with Chris pressing hard I spun the car again in Turn 1. I'm still not sure what I did that time, I actually was going slower there because of the previous incident. I heard after the race that several other people spun there too after me, so maybe there was something on the track, but my confidence at that point was pretty shaky and I probably lifted in the turn or something. Anyway that was the end of my race. The stewards let me go back out and at first I thought I'd try to finish but at that point I was so rattled I felt like I was just getting in everyone else's way. Hopefully next year they'll have the Friday night test n' tune again and I can get some early laps in and figure this track out.

VSCDA Formual Vee 2014 Season Highlights
I made this season in review video for the VSCDA Formula Vee winter gathering but unfortunately there wasn't a way to display it. So, for your viewing pleasure, here it is on YouTube :) Feature highlights from GingerMan, Blackhawk Farms, Waterford Hills and Grattan. No footage from Road America because the late low sun in the Sprint race made the footage nearly unusable, it was a pretty dull race from my seat anyway, and then when i did have an epic drive in the Feature race I forgot to charge the camera batteries and they died on the grid. Enjoy!

VSCDA Grattan XXVIII Formula Vee: The Starts
Here are the opening laps from all the Formula Vee races at Grattan the weekend of August 16th/17th, including the two races I didn't finish (Saturday Sprint 2 and the Sunday Feature race). If you watched the long-form videos, skip ahead to 2:07 to see the footage from the Sprint 2 and Sunday Feature races.

Noble M400 Autobahn Track Review
Track testing after doing some modifications at Autobahn Country Club. Modifications worked well, this car out ran a 400 Plus HP Supercharged BMW M. As you will see in the Video this car ran the track without a lot of Tire Squeal. It is a car that can be driven on the Street with ease and take care of business on the track. This car is For Sale, go to www.kumberamotors.com for more information. It is a private party sale.

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