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Autobahn Country Club 9/12/2009

A couple of laps around the Autobahn Country Club at the TrackDaze event on September 12th, 2009. This was my first time here, and also the first time using a GoPro Hero wideangle camera. I mounted it to the front bumper to get a different view, and while the effect is kinda cool I think its hard to get a feel for the track layout. Anyway it was a great event and if I hadn't destroyed a rotor and developed a Boost leak I would have been back for more the next day :)


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Autobahn Country Club - Session 3 - Group A
Third session of the day at the Autobahn Country Club, running the full course layout. The car is a stock Mazda RX8 R3. This was the last recorded session, my camera's battery died shortly after this. Recorded October 3, 2011 at the Hooked on Driving event. Video recorded with a GoPro HD. Audio recorded with a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

Inside the Autobahn Country Club
PressPassTV brings you to the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois where your racing passion and dreams can come true. For more behind the scenes action check us out at www.presspasstv.com

Autobahn Country Club Full 3.5 miles Driving Line Tutorial
http://www.deltavee.net Autobahn Country Club's full 3.5 mile, 21 turn circuit. Driver: Rob Schermerhorn of Delta Vee Motorsports LLC http://www.deltavee.net Private coaching and race engineering services available (chassis set up, shock tuning...), visit http://www.separationofcontrols.com to inquire.

BMW E92 M3 - Autobahn Country Club Full Track
BMW E92 M3 at Autobahn Country Club on 8/6/12 with MVP Tracktime

Autobahn country club North course
Steve P and I having some fun :)

S2000 CR at Autobahn Country Club Full Course
A couple of laps at Autobahn Country Club in a 2008 S2000 Club Racer. Attended the MVP Track Time HPDE. This is my first time driving this track.

NASA Racing at Autobahn Country Club Raceway - Boosted Films
Video from 7-13-2013 at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet Illinois. http://www.Boostedfilms.com/?r=YTautobahn Find us on Facebook for more videos: https://www.facebook.com/BoostedFilms Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoostedFilms Tumblr http://Boostedfilms.tumblr.com/ Video Edited and produced by Paul Elertson Music: Broke for free Simple hop http://freemusicarchive.org/

Session 3, Chicago SCCA PDX 1080p 5/27/2011
Third of three sessions at Autobahn South course. Brake fade was pretty evident. Had a nice little moment. See if you can spot it. Ride along was one of my students that weekend, Instructor group, car 004.

VSCDA Spring Brake 2014 Formula Vee Feature Race at GingerMan Raceway
The Vintage Formula Vee 15 Lap Feature Race at VSCDA's Spring Brake 2014 at GingerMan Raceway on Sunday May 4th, 2014. Started 8th on the grid thanks to a 1:55.229 lap in Saturday's sprint race. This was one of the longest races I've had in the Lynx to date and it was a blast. We had 32 cars on the grid which is pretty good for the first race weekend of the season. It was cold all weekend, there was a lot of cloud cover and the temperature rarely rose above 50. Two hours before this race it was 47 degrees with a "real feel" of 37 degrees F, the wind was howling. The sun did come out in time for the 12:50 PM race but it didn't heat the track up much at all, so I never really felt entirely confident with the grip level. Since it was the first weekend, I played it fairly safe in the first turn and continued that way through the first part of the race. By the fourth lap I was feeling more comfortable in the car but was surprised by Jerry Baker's blue #18 making a move at turn 1 (as I indicated by my hand gesture) while Frank Newton (red #63) were giving each other room to race. Behind the wheel it seemed pretty aggressive but watching the video it doesn't seem as "WTF!" as it did in the moment. The momentum lost backing out of that turn cost me three places and sort of set the tone for the rest of my race. Next time I won't leave that much room inside :) Besides I had a lot of fun chasing down Frank and Don Carone (silver #11) the next couple of laps, even if I did relinquish those re-taken positions just a few laps later (did I mention this was a really long race?). All of that setup the final battle with VSCDA newcomer Richard Styczynski in the #8. On lap 10 I still had thoughts of trying to get in a position to challenge Don and Frank when I bobbled turn 3 and Rich passed me. I actually got the spot back the next lap and built up a decent gap on Rich, but then on lap 14 I made a mistake and spun the car in turn 1. I tried to chase him down but Rich played it smart, didn't make any mistakes and I finished behind him in 9th. All in all a really great weekend despite the cold! Lots of great racing action, everything came home in one piece and I learned a lot (as usual!). Looking forward to Blackhawk Farms on Father's Day weekend!

Bill Jacobs BMW Racing Event at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet
Bill Jacobs BMW Track Day was an exciting day and well attended. Customers were able to enjoy an opportunity to drive some of the finest ultimate driving machines at the exclusive Autobahn Country Club in Joliet. The BMW 6 & 7 Series including the 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe, the 6 Series M Sport Edition and M235i were there to rev up their drivers adrenaline while taking laps and maneuvering through this challenging autocross course. It was the Ultimate Day... great weather, great food, and great driving! Thanks to all those who participated! Located at 2495 Aurora Ave, Naperville IL 60540-1023 Phone: 866-516-8010 http://www.billjacobsbmw.com

Audi TT RS - MK1 Chasing cars at the Mont Tremblant Race Track
Follow me as I am chasing cars at the Mont Tremblant Race Track. This TT RS was calibrated on race tracks... Follow me here: http://audittrs.wordpress.com Chasing: Nissan GTR, Honda S2000, Porsche 911, Porsche GT3, BMW M3, Subaru WRX STi

VSCDA Spring Brake 2014 Formula Vee Sprint Race at GingerMan Raceway
The first race of the 2014 VSCDA Formula Vee season! And it shows in my driving, as I'm pretty cautious the first few laps. I had a loose throttle cable housing during the qualifying session and started the race 18th on the grid, but managed to work my way up to finish 8th. I had a really good time racing with Steve Lockwood #187 (the white 1968 Zink C4), I chased him for three laps before making the pass, and then the final three laps racing with Don Carone for 8th position. Good times!

VSCDA Blackhawk Formula Vee Feature Race 6/15/2014 (Complete)
The Formula Vee Feature Race at the VSCDA Blackhawk Vintage Classic XXII. In what's becoming an annual tradition, Bill Griffith of Bigger Hammer Racing and I had an action-packed race and we captured it all from both of our cars. Bill started 5th on the grid and finished 4th chasing Chuck Buysse; I started 9th and finished 5th, right behind Bill. Frankly I shouldn't have been anywhere near Bill - his car was clearly much faster than mine, as you can see on the straights, but as the racing gods would have it Bill's Warrior developed a strange brake issue that allowed me to stay competitive. I also owe thanks to Bill's crew who helped me with some fittings when I had to replace my fuel cell right before qualifying. Bill once again provided me the footage from his GoPro camera and this time I've tried something different, using a split-screen view to show all the action from three cameras. It's busy, possibly confusing - you'll either love it or hate it :) After the initial opening lap scramble (which Bill had a bit of a moment in turn 7), I get past Mike Rogers on the approach to 6a and start tracking down the leaders. A couple of laps later Bill puts the move on Chuck on the front straight with Frank Newton drafting behind him and passes them both in turn 1 (all of which has let me catch right up to them). Now the split screen view gets really interesting as for the rest of the race Chuck, Bill and I battle for 3rd, 4th and 5th place - with all three cars visible in at least one of the three camera views at all times. I held Bill at bay for several laps, but at the end he made a great run at me through turns 5 and 6 and blew by me before we ever got to 6a, and at that point I knew he had me. So ends another great weekend with the Bigger Hammer Racing cars from Texas, I hope they make the trek to South Beloit again next year!

VSCDA Blackhawk Formula Vee Feature Race Highlights 6/15/2014
Highlights from the VSCDA Blackhawk Vintage Classic XXII Formula Vee Feature race. The same footage from the "Complete" race video edited down to 12 minutes (see that video for a full description of the race).

VSCDA Blackhawk Formula Vee Sprint Race 6/14/2014
The Formula Vee Sprint Race at the VSCDA Blackhawk Vintage Classic XXII. Started from grid position 11 and finished 7th after running as high as 4th. The initial start was waved off so we had to do another pace lap (not shown on the video). At the last turn of the first hot lap Mitch Beiser missed his braking zone and smacked the rear of Frank Newton's car, spun in front of Mike Kitzmiller who hit Mitch's front tire and launched over the front end. Fortunately no one was injured and while Frank was able to finish the Sprint race, Mike's race was done and Mitch was out for the rest of the weekend. Mitch graciously provided me his GoPro footage which I've included so you can see what it was all like from his perspective. The end result of the fracas was I now found myself in 8th place and began chasing down Mike Rogers, one of the Big Hammer Racing boys from Texas. It took two laps but I was able to get a good draft and pass Mike as we approached turn 1. On that same lap I was able to pass John Kennelly at Turn 7 who then stuck to the rear of my car like I was towing him. You can look deep into his eyes in the rear-view camera :) I spend the next couple of laps trying to catch Jerry Baker and fend of John. On the 6th lap I get ambitious and decide to take Jerry at turn 7. I complete the pass but kill my speed coming out of the turn. If it had been the last lap, I would have finished 4th. Instead Jerry, John and Ricky del Rosario form a train on the inside line and proceeded to box me out the next three turns, dropping me to 7th position. Next time I make a pass like that I'll try moving over to the inside and protect the line through the turn at the end of the straight. Even with losing three spots on the last lap it was a really fun drive. My best lap time in the race was only a half-second off my all-time best, so I set a goal for Sunday's feature race to at least set a lap time as good as last year. I'd been taking 3D a little slower because I spun there last year and also felt I was giving up time in the final corner (even when I wasn't passing on the inside). I'll have the Sunday Feature race video up soon and you can see how I did!

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