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62 Fairlane Original Gas Tank Removal.
Finally, we remove the gas tank. Discovered hair line cracks under the new paint. The tank is trash. New tank will be installed at the end of the underside restoration. Check out the cars web site. The 5 year restoration video in Time Lapse of this car. From start to finish.

1958 Ford Del Rio Wagon project Part 5
Rear end pulled and stripped. Needs perches moved from top to bottom of housing, pinion seal, etc

"Beep Beep" is a song by The Playmates . Released in 1958. The song describes a duel between the drivers of a Cadillac and a Nash Rambler on the road. The song was on the Billboard Top 40 charts for twelve weeks, and peaked at #20 ( I've since been told it peaked at #4, my mistake ). It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. Concurrently with this song, American Motors (AMC) was setting production and sales records for the Rambler models. The Playmates were a late 1950s vocal group, led by the pianist Chic Hetti (born Carl Cicchetti, 26 February 1930), drummer; Donny Conn (born Donald Claps, 29 March 1930); and Morey Carr (born 31 July 1932), all from Waterbury, Connecticut.~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cartoon was created from scanned drawings using older programs. Windows XP on a Dell computer from 2006, Widows Movie Maker, Microsoft paint, MGI PhotoSuite III SE, The Print Shop 6.0 and a program from Paint Net.. I like Cadillacs. Really, it's just a song. When I was a kid I owned a Rambler a lot like this one.. I loved it... Added Oct. 31, 2013 ~ New cartoon by me. It might be worth a look.. IF I COULD MARRY MY PICKUP TRUCK, I WOULD

How "not" to remove Ford interior knobs
Screw you guys...its not broken and works just fine.