Der Audi V8 ist nun überall verboten

DOWNLOAD DIRTY PRINCESS SONG AT: For the last V8 fans still driving.....they sure don't make them like they used to. Orig $95K Cdn, 12 stage pearl paint (orig paint on this one), sick stainless steel trim, real wood, Connolly hides inside and an ultra-sweet alum V8. Quality built throughout. Not many of these around anymore and you can't give'em away. We've had this one since 1999 as a company car. Garage9 kept, didn't drive it in the summer, just few months in our light winters. Song: Little Princess by Lance Lapointe

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Audi V8/A8, 8 Zylinder POWER:)
Ich habe dieses Video unter erstellt.

1005HP Audi Sport Quattro - Jeffry Sol @ DHRA drachten 14-6-2013
'High Octane' 1005HP Audi Sport Quattro Test & Tune runs on low Boost @ DHRA drachten 14-6-2013. more info on the car: blog&id=1&Itemid=5 also check for info on the races NEW VIDEO:

Cwaniaczki z AUDI #4 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Cwaniaczki z AUDI to prawdopodobnie jedno z największych buractw jakie można spotkać na polskich drogach. Polskie drogi słyną z "jakości", lecz niektórzy kierowcy to po prostu debile, idioci, buraki, kretyni i cwele... ► SUBSKRYBUJ - ► NASTĘPNY FILM -

Audi V8 quattro // StreetCarma x Sports Classics Berlin
A true story about three guys and one car, spending a day in a forest near Berlin. We took a ride in the A8's predecessor, the 1988 Audi V8.