2010-2011 Camaro Technostalgia Afterburner LED Taillights

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2010 & 2011 Camaro Sequential LED Lights
All new LED, sequential, lights for 2010 & 2011 Camaro

Camaro with LED Tail Lights
Custom Camaro 2010-2013 Install of Technostalgia Led Tail Lights at A&B Audio in Tarpon Springs Florida

CamaroNews.com - Technostalgia LED Tail Lights
CamaroNews.com - Technostalgia LED Tail Lights. Includes Sequential, RapidFire, AfterBurner and Show Mode. A must have for Camaro owners. You can find them at Apex-Speed.com.

2010 Camaro Sequential Taillights / Turn Signals - LED Technostalgia
My 2010 Transformers Camaro with the Technostalgia LED sequentail taillights / turn signals. What I don't show in the video is what it looks like when you already have one of the turn signals on then press the brakes... what happens is the signal continues normally and the other side brake light sequences on and then stays on. All in all, this is probably my favorite set of sequential taillights for the 5th gen Camaro. I also connected a toggle switch and mounted it in the truck to turn on "show mode". Thanks for watching!