My Sim Race Cockpit

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iRACING 120Hz test (Radical SR8 - Lime Rock) Acer H5360 DLP projector
Testing in 2D mode Acer H5360 @120hz refresh rate and fixed 120 fps.

motion racing simulator DIY skae87
(castellano en mi página de facebook más abajo) here it is my motion racing simulator. it is a DIY (Do it yourself) project and it is a WIP (work in project) so it is not finished. it is using 3 actuators (2 for the seat to simulate G-forces and 1 for the whole rig to simulate rear traction loss), a thrustmaster t500 wheel, f1 add on rim, th8 shifter, logitech g27 shifter converted into sequential, a 5.1 logitech audio system, 4 low frequency bass shakers (2 under seat and 2 others still to install in other parts like below the peddals to simulate vibrations coming from the car), a real racing seat with belts, a DIY curved screen made of aluminium painetd by me, video projection from an optoma x200hd fullhd (maybe in future improve to a 3D beamer or triple projection...but that is too expensive right now) and, of course, a computer. ah, yeah, the rig is also 100% DIY with aluminium profiles (this was the most difficult part cause my room is little and i have other stuff like wardobes, desk, etc). i lasted arround 1 month working on it every afternoon to build up everythin. warping soft: immersive display motion soft: simcomander MAKING OF 98&type=3 FINAL PROJECT 98&type=3 Espero que os guste! todo lo he hecho yo, con ayuda de mi padre, a mano durante 1 mes.

GP Monza 2011 Ferrari Massa VS Alonso al Simulatore All in sports
Presentazione mondiale del simulatore Ferrari della All in Sports

Dirt2 in the Motion Pro II Racing Simulator (Revisited) - CXC Simulations tests Dirt2 in the Motion Pro II Racing Simulator. We decided to revisit Dirt2 after making some adjustments. This video features the all-purpose 230mm GT steering wheel is standard with each simulator can be changed out in seconds (Quick-disconnect with an internal electrical plug) to any of our other optional wheels. Configured to look, feel and function like the wheels used in GT cars and high-level sports racers, the CXC GT Wheel is constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum and features a, carbon fiber shift paddles, nine User-Definable Push Buttons, two User-Definable 6-Position Rotary Switches (to cycle through data), two User-Definable Potentiometers (to adjust things like sway bars, brake bias, weight jackers), and a 15-way View HAT (for easy menu navigation). To Configure your simulator today visit: