Toyota MR2 head on collision / car crash

Police video of my car crash scene. I was driving the black Toyota MR2 and was hit head on by the white Ford Escort. The accident happend on the Woodhead pass, near Glossop/Sheffield in the UK on Oct 27th 2000. If you happen to know anything about the accident please get in touch

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Graphic Deadly head on crash Ever! Caught on camera Trooper Dash Cam
According to various sources on the web, this happened in Russia on the M7 Highway about 100 miles east of Moscow on February 24, 2012. The lone occupant of the doomed vehicle was a 32 year old man named "Alexander" from Moscow. He died on impact. The truck driver sustained non life threatening injuries. The vehicle was a D40 series Nissan Navara. (Nissan Frontier), a small truck with a bed cab. The translation from a Russain newspaper:: Terrible Accident in the Vladimir region captured on video The accident happened at the site, where the actor Dedjushko had previously crashed. by Elena Zvonova Much internet buzz has been generated about a terrible accident which occurred on February 24, 2012 near the village of Omutischi Petushki in the Vladimir region. A Nissan pickup truck collided with an 18 wheeler and exploded into small pieces. The driver was killed instantly. A dash cam video of the accident, which was released shortly after the news, was broadcast to just about every online forum, or "Tin," as it is called in Russia. Additional information was obtained from the office of traffic police in the Vladimir region. On February 24 at about 6:20 PM Moscow time, at kilometer marker 109 on the M7 Volga Highway, the "Nissan Navara" driver, a Moscow resident born in 1980, lost control of his vehicle and collided with a GAZ van, according to Mikhail Maslov, an inspector of Traffic Police in the Vladimir region, a sub-division of the Russian ministry of the interior. As a result, the Nissan Navara was thrown headlong into oncoming traffic and collided with a Freightliner truck. A "Lada" car with license plate VAZ 21723, also heading in the direction of the freightliner, was also involved. The Nissan driver died instantly. The driver of the Lada survived with several minor injuries and was subsequently hospitalized. The Traffic Police of the Petushki District is now conducting an investigation to verify the cause of the accident. A relative of the Nissan driver has been quoted as follows: "The driver was named Alexander. He was a good guy and an experienced driver.... I will be driving to see his wife and children - he has two of them ... A message will be placed at a popular website about the victim.... The funeral will be held on February 28 in Balashikha... For us it is a tragedy... It's such grief. No one understands how it all could have happened." People are taking note that the Nissan driver has become yet another victim of this mysterious or "cursed" stretch of road near the village of Omutischi. On November 3, 2007 around 11 pm at kilometer marker 109, en route from Moscow to Ufa, the theater and movie actor Aleksandr Dedjushko crashed in his "Toyota Picnic." He had his wife and eight year old son with him. The weather conditions were severe on this tragic day. It snowed heavily. The actor lost control, drove into the opposite lane and collided with a truck that was up for sale. All three were killed instantly. In March of 2009, at the same location, a bus collided with a "KAMAZ" truck. Both vehicles caught fire. 12 passengers on the bus - businessmen from Ulyanovsk - and both drivers were killed. Disregarding speculation about the similarities of prior accidents, the fact is that it snowed on March 23, the day before this accident. The video shows that the wheels of the Nissan drifted into wet snow, causing the Nissan to swerve to the right while passing the GAZ van. The Nissan then careened into the opposing lane. The accident might not have happened if the road was kept free of snow. The accident could almost certainly have been prevented if long needed highway dividers had been installed, according to experts. Attempts to get a time table for installing such barriers have been unsuccessful. Attempts to reach the Federal Road Agency responsible for the highway between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod by phone have also been unsuccessful.

Fatal head on collision deadly high speed car crash
A silver Jeep overtakes a lorry in the oncoming lane, but hits the crash barrier after doing so. The lorry then swerves to avoid the Jeep and into the path of the red Kia before hitting it head on and pushing it into the crash barrier, killing the driver of the Kia instantly. If you liked this video, please subscribe to my channel where I will be uploading plenty more!

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High Speed Fatal Crash
A young female driver possibly fell asleep at the wheel, precipitating this strange and tragic outcome. The van went off the freeway and down into a culvert, which seemed to guide the vehicle straight into the enclosure at the end of the line. It almost seemed like the passenger area might be wedged inside and still intact, yet the gruesome outcome was apparent when the van was pulled out by cable. It took firefighters 2 hours to carefully and respectfully extricate the victim out of the wreckage.