Toyota MR2 head on collision / car crash

Police video of my car crash scene. I was driving the black Toyota MR2 and was hit head on by the white Ford Escort. The accident happend on the Woodhead pass, near Glossop/Sheffield in the UK on Oct 27th 2000. If you happen to know anything about the accident please get in touch

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60 mph head on crash
Fifth gear tested 2 cars ( volvo and bmw ) in a 60mph head on collision! Check out my other vids aswell :D!

Funiest Car Crashes & Funny Cars
Funny stuff made by my brother Brian.

Terrible car crash compilation - Fatal Head On Collision
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Wrong Way Woman Driver! Head-On Crash on Tape! Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA. Almost nailed by a wrong way driver on the westbound 10 (Santa Monica) freeway near LaCienega. (Mid-City L.A.) The woman crashed head-on into a car up ahead in the #1 lane, then in a shower of sparks continued in my lane just missing me but hitting another car further up behind me. I am going to guess a dozen or so cars swerved out of her way before hitting a final car 1000+ft. or so behind me. Several persons were injured including the driver, miraculously no-one was killed. As you can see I had to make a split second decision, veer to the right or veer to the left. Luck has it I veered to the left by judging the momentum of the damaged car. Close call indeed! Uploaded 2/26/2012