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k20 SWAP 99 civic sedan 9000 rpm KGB k20, all motor, High definition

stock k20a2 swap ek civic 4 dr trying to catch traction at 9000 rpm heres a video of its firs startup right after instal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n88Z37UE6x0 Thumbs up, favorite, leave comments, subscribe and visit channel for more. Thanks for watching.


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e46 m3 vs k20 civic sedan..... KGB k20
Heres a video me racing a 2011 sti.LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUmQOlWsafg The m3 was stock year 2006 the white civic is stock k20a2 street tunned on kpro, header, 3" Exhaust, short ram intake. NO LSD.

k20 swap part1
SWAP K20A part1

K20 Swap Civic Eg Midnight RR Prequel (Part 2)
Now that the Bubble (EG6 Civic) has been prep-up for the K-swap, The wait game is over. Mugen finally bought K20a motor. The 2 amigo's work together to bolt on every part onto the body of eg6. Once the k20a drivetrain was installed, Mugen friend Tino, has done a lot of R&D on today's technology and electronic's and was the man to wire up K-Pro ECU to from engine harness to Civic body electrical fuse box and the S2000 AP1 gauge cluster one pin at a time. Once the EG6 Civic was together and successfully road tested to drive on the roadways, Mugen drove the Eg6 Civic to Evans Tuning to calibrate K-Pro to max out engine HP. After the tune, Mugen has upgraded to better brand headers and 3inch Exhaust to reach HP tune to 230hp. Now that EG6 is complete, mugen ready to battle Tino's S2000 on an endurance run. ****Posted 7/7/13 (Midnight RR Prequel Part 1) Link http://youtu.be/7OGMKtarlj8 ****

k20 SWAP civic sedan first start up
2000 lx sadan civc k20a2 swap, 3" full Exhaust, much more to come. Heres a video taking it around a block: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQag7zDYq-A Thumbs up, favorite, leave comments, subscribe and visit channel for more. Thanks for watching.

Best K20 Sound Turkey 2
Best K20 Sound from Turkey ;) (2) First video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TakjHZr_jAI

K20Z1 EK Complete Swap
My First K20 Build. Need k20a2 Engine Harness for a Z1 Swap When using 02-04 coversion Harness & 02-04 kpro. Subframe is DC bolts size are 19mm Sockets. Parts order are from Hybrid-Racing.com & Kseriesparts.com 2 very good Company. Pls Like & subscribe. Music played is for non profit. Music by Escala Palladia. For entertainment only.

Chase Bays Engine Harness for Honda K Series Install Guide
http://www.chasebays.com/product/acura-integra--honda-civic/chase-bays-engi ne-harness--hondaacura-k-series Chase Bays Engine Harness for K Series Install Guide This engine harness fits: K20A K20A2 K20A3 K20Z1 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) K20Z3 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) K24A2 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) K24A4 (with 02-04 K20 ECU) Any above K20 cylinder heads with the above K24 engine blocks. (with 02-04 K20 ECU)

New Haven All Motor K24 Dyno
EJ's All Motor K24 on Chris Miller's Dyno

Honda Civic 1.6 Turbo vs 500hp Toyota Supra Turbo
B16 gt3582r turbo vs 2JZ Twin turbo's

TURBO KILLER: 140MPH, K20 vs B16 turbo, EK sedan beats Si, KGB civic Gopro cam go pro hero
Thumbs UP - Comment - Subscribe :) Dead end road with no through traffic or houses. Camera car 4 door Civic is all stock K20 motor with 6 speed (never hit 6th in this video) and custom intake/Exhaust, black car is Civic Si coupe with B16 turbo. Sorry no camera in back, but white Civic (camera car) took the turbo Civic maybe by a car length or two. More details for white EK Civic Sedan in the video: Running a stock never opened K20A2 and 6 speed manual transmission from Acura RSX Type-S. Also 3" Exhaust, aftermarket intake, aftermarket header and intake manifold, 5 lug conversion for wheels, bigger axles, upgraded brakes and suspension, custom tunned ECU.

K20a EK Sedan 2nd Session @ Ridge Motorsports Park
This is my 2nd session ever on Ridge Motorsports. I am just running on a stock K20a with Re-11 tires running on some mystery brake pads. Still feeling out the car as I just bought it.

'99 Civic Si STOCK vs. 98 Civic Sedan B20 bolt-on's and Hondata s300
'99 Civic si bone stock except short ram intake vs. '98 Civic sedan with a B20B GSR Transmission Full Bolt-on's Tuned on hondata s300.

Honda Civic EK4 swap K20 PURE SOUND, fly by, launch, powershifting, interior and exterior view
Honda Civic Ek4 99 swap k20 hybrid racing - spoon n1 - cold air intake - carto e85 launch control 4500rpm - torsen - tyres Toyo R1R 205/45R16 rims Ultralite Atec 16x7" - coilover D2 racing - brakes: 6 pot D2 calipers on front and dc2 itr on rear Full weight / non vidée Camera: Panasonic FZ48

K20 Swapped EM2 Initial Drive
K20A3 Swapped EM2

B20 vtec Conversion
thanks to my cousin for doing a b20vtec in my car while i was at work. car has some issues after all said and done. but it was still able to drive. the idle problem are solved and compression test was done and found the result of a bent valve in cylinder 2. EF sedan

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jared wahl, Engine: b18c1 block guarded 82mm stock sleeves, Turbos: t70 Tires: mickythompson 24.5x8x13

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Travis Chaney, Engine: LS1, Tires: 26x10.50 Hoosiers

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