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Holden 2013 Colorado 7- On Sale Now

Check out the impressive 4x4 capability of Holden's toughest 4WD, the new Colorado 7. Watch as 4x4 specialist Simon Christie takes the Colorado 7 across a variety of Australian terrains in this action packed video. On sale now for more information visit http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7


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Holden 2013 Colorado 7- Muddy Terrain
View the third episode in the six chapter Holden Colorado 7 series. In this chapter Simon Christie demonstrates how the Colorado 7 handles muddy terrain. For more information go to http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

2012 Holden Colorado Off Road Recovery
Simon Christie, TV Presenter, hosts this video which demonstrates how to carry out a safe 4WD recovery using the Holden Colorado. http://www.holden.com.au/colorado

Holden 2013 Colorado 7- Rocky Terrain
View the second episode in the six chapter Holden Colorado 7 series. In this chapter Simon Christie demonstrates how the Colorado 7 handles rocky terrain. For more information go to http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

See who the prank is really on in the capable Colorado 7!
For weeks our fake dealer has been pranking customers on real test drives. But now, thanks to the secret help of 4WDTV experts Simon and Miranda Christie and the capable Colorado 7, the prank's on him! More on Holden's SUV range: http://bit.ly/1eqWb1A Trax prank: http://bit.ly/ONf2al Cap5 prank: http://bit.ly/1iSa8m1 Cap 7 prank: http://bit.ly/1eyt3W6

Holden 2013 Colorado 7- an Introduction to Holden's Toughest 4x4
Over the coming weeks we will releases a six chapter Holden Colorado series. In each chapter we will demonstrate how the Colorado 7 handles various terrain. This chapter introduces the series and gives you a taste for what the next episodes will offer. For more information on the Colorado 7 go to: http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

Holden 2013 Colorado 7- Water Crossing
View the next chapter in the Holden Colorado 7 series. In this Chapter Simon Christie demonstrates how the Colorado 7 handles water crossings. For more information go to http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

1969 Holden Hurricane concept car - restored 2011
Holden has gone back to the future, restoring its very first concept car -- the 1969 Holden Hurricane. http://www.holden.com.au/holden-innovation/holden-design/track-record The futuristic research vehicle described as an experiment "to study design trend, propulsion systems and other long range developments" has been restored to its former glory as a labour of love by a dedicated group of Holden designers and engineers. Code named RD 001; the Hurricane is a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-seater sports car which incorporates a remarkable array of innovative features and technology, much of it way ahead of its time. Features include: electronic digital instrument displays, station-seeking radio, automatic temperature control air conditioning, rear vision camera automated route finder Holden Hurricane goes on show to the public for the first time at Motorclassica, Melbourne, October 21-23

Holden’s Got Your Back – VF Commodore Front Rail Repair | Holden Australia
VF Commodore Body Repair Procedures Relating to Front Rail Repairs. • This video is part of the “Holden’s Got Your Back” series which aims to raise awareness of collision specific intricacies in Holden vehicles. • Holden has released three body repair procedures relating to front rail repairs for VF Commodore • Holden recommends that the repairers chose which procedure to follow based on the damage on the vehicle. www.facebook.com/holdenaustralia @holdennews on Twitter: twitter.com/holden_aus Instagram; instagram.com/HoldenAustralia/

Holden Colorado 7- on sale now
Watch the All-new Colorado 7 take on a range of serious off-road terrain. Take it off-road at your local Holden Dealer today! For more information go to http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

Holden Captiva 7 Active Special Edition | Holden Australia
Keep up to your active family with the Special Edition Holden Captiva 7 Active, the seven seat SUV that’s packed full of value. Squeeze more into your day with seats for the whole team and room for the groceries, ready to go at a moment’s notice. The Special Edition Captiva 7 Active offers spacious seven seat versatility, but with an irresistibly compact exterior design for superior handling. Redefine what you expect from a family-sized SUV by combining comfort, style, and handling with this Special Edition Holden. Now available with Lifetime Capped Price Servicing, at just $31,990, with a $1,000 cash back, the Captiva 7 Active Special Edition model is Holden’s best priced 7 seat SUV. Get into your Holden Dealer now for more Special Edition vehicles packed full of value. Holden - Let’s go there Learn more about the Captiva at www.holden.com.au/latestoffers Or connect with us at; www.facebook.com/holdenaustralia @holdennews on Twitter: twitter.com/holdennews Instagram; instagram.com/HoldenAustralia/

Holden's Lifetime Capped Price Servicing | Holden Australia
At Holden, we've got you covered for life. That's why every Holden comes with Lifetime Capped Price Servicing. So we’re proud to announce that we are now offering Lifetime Capped Price Servicing on every Holden, ever built. That’s over 2.5 million of them. Let's Go There. Learn more about Holden’s Lifetime Capped Price Servicing at: http://www.holden.com.au/ownership-and-servicing/servicing/capped-price-ser vicing Connect with Holden Fans on Facebook: www.facebook.com/holdenaustralia @holden_aus on Twitter: twitter.com/holden_aus Instagram; instagram.com/HoldenAustralia/

Holden Choc Drop in the Colorado 7 | Holden Australia
The Holden Colorado 7 reveals its sweet side for Holden Choc Drop - that 3 tonne towing capacity comes in handy when you've got so much chocolate to deliver. ‪#‎holdenchocdrop‬ Learn more about the Holden Colorado 7; holden.com/colorado7 www.facebook.com/holdenaustralia @holden_aus on Twitter: twitter.com/holden_aus Instagram; instagram.com/HoldenAustralia/

Holden Colorado on Location
The team at Adventure SUV worked with photographer Simon Bayliss to capture this incredible footage.

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dustin knowles, Engine: I5,

2004 Chevrolet Colorado ZQ8 Single Cab LS: 15.796 @ 85.860
Roy, Engine: inline 5, 3.5L,

2004 Chevrolet Colorado sport: 15.920 @ 91.110
Joe Rand, Engine: 3.5, Tires: 235/50/17


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