Holden 2013 Colorado 7- On Sale Now

Check out the impressive 4x4 capability of Holden's toughest 4WD, the new Colorado 7. Watch as 4x4 specialist Simon Christie takes the Colorado 7 across a variety of Australian terrains in this action packed video. On sale now for more information visit http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

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Holden Colorado 7- on sale now
Watch the All-new Colorado 7 take on a range of serious off-road terrain. Take it off-road at your local Holden Dealer today! For more information go to http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

How do I use Rear Cross Traffic Alert?
For more information on the operations of your Holden, visit myHolden Connect: http://www.holden.com.au/ownership-and-servicing/myholden-connect

Holden 2013 Colorado 7- Outback Terrain
Watch the Holden Colorado 7 and Simon Christie take on Outback Terrain. This is the next chapter in the Holden Colorado 7 Series. For more information go to: http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7

Holden 2013 Colorado 7- an Introduction to Holden's Toughest 4x4
Over the coming weeks we will releases a six chapter Holden Colorado series. In each chapter we will demonstrate how the Colorado 7 handles various terrain. This chapter introduces the series and gives you a taste for what the next episodes will offer. For more information on the Colorado 7 go to: http://www.holden.com.au/vehicles/colorado-7