Pulse Performance Built Quad Rotor Jetboat

Peter Huijs jet sprint boat running in first round of the NZ series at Wanganui. Finishing fourth for the day on his first outing.

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RAW: PPRE Quad Rotary 1300HP JetSprint Superboat
Insane 4-Rotor Methanol powered JetSprint boat owned driven by brothers Peter & Gary Huijs, sponsored by PPRE Pulse Performance Race Engineering. Shelter View Jet Sprint Park / Whanganui Facebook: http://facebook.com/OversteerTV Twitter: http://twitter.com/Oversteer_TV Instagram: @oversteertv Hashtag: #OversteerTV Official Website: http://oversteertv.co.nz YouTube: http://youtube.com/sbpnzoversteer

Pulse Performance, Huijs Racing Quad rotor Jetboat
935HP 889 ft lb of torque Quad rotor turbo jetsprint boat

2JZ Jet Boat- First run
Firts run with low Boost

PPRE engine quad start-up
Customer engine start-up, before shipping.