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MotoGP HONDA Big Bang Engine 2017 VS Screamer Engine 2016
Hear the difference between a Big Bang and a Screamer engine. What do you think is better than other? You don't know what it is? - BIG BANG ENGINE: It has a very short interval of time between the firing order of each cylinder, and an extended break until each cylinder fires again. Any advantage is that in a short time the tyre has to re-grip the road in the space between ignition. - SCREAMER ENGINE: It has an equal amount of time between the firing order of each cylinder during the rotation of the crankshaft. It gives the power more progressive. This videos are of other authors to explain it, if the owners have some inconvenient please contact me. Don't forget LIKE,SHARE,COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE, if you like this video and want to see more! THANKS!!

MotoGP Workshop™ - Pneumatic valve engines
Giacomo Guidotti, Crew Chief for Hector Barbera with Avintia Blusens, explains the intricacies of the pneumatic valve engine which the team have recently started using.

2011motogp HONDA RC212Vの爆音(Sound)
2011 9月17日 最高峰のMotoGPバイクワンオフのパーツ ^ 削りだしたクランクケース、マフラーからの爆発 と閃光と風圧に圧倒されました。 We were overwhelmed by the explosion sound and flash and wind pressure from the muffler ホンダテクニカルカレッジ関西

Honda F1 RA300 (1967) - 3.0L V12 NA sound !!
Honda F1 RA300 @ Twin Ring Motegi , Tochigi-pref. ,Japan , 29 May 2013 3000cc V-12 cylinder Engine mounted. This is the 'Honda Sound'. ツインリンクもてぎで行われた走行確認テストの模様で す。 第1期ホンダF1活動後半を飾ったマシンです。 シャーシはローラとの共同開発とのことなので,ローラ ・ホンダ RA300ってことでしょうか。 排気量がRA272の倍なのでエキゾーストノートも迫力でし 。 カメラは Canon Ivis HF10 + x1.5 テレコン です。