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Just a couple of highlights from a couple of years ago with captions. I always enjoy John Williams and Alan Silvestri.

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86 Cougar 2.3T dyno
The Cougar's first trip to the Dyno. Something is clearly not right with how long it takes to reach 5500 rpm but it still made 199hp/232tq.

88 thunderbird turbo coupe current progress
An update on my 88 thunder chicken.

1986 Mercury Cougar XR7
1986 Cougar XR7, 2.3L turbo. Only 6504 made of that year and model. Looks a little rough but for 500$ and lots of miles put on it, it still gets 25 MPG and runs great. Small engine but the turbo makes up for it.

1986 Cougar Police Chase
I taped this off the news back in 2002. At that time my capture card in my PC didn't have audio, so there is no original audio. The story was these thugs stole an old man's 86 cougar. I don't remember if they carjacked him, or just stole it from his house. Anyway, a chase insues, and it get's beat up. So do the thugs. The old man gets his car back in the end, and was quoted "It's beat up, but I'm just glad to have it back!"