Ausrotor cruise - DEC 08

Ausrotor cruise. Super loud RX-3 coupe with variable rear muffler. 13B-PP engine with Weber & race Exhaust on-the-street. With "Atmo" rotaries, noise is proportional to power so noise regulation issues are cleared up with an electrically operated butterfly valve rear muffler.

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Mazda Rx7 13b PP Race Car for no music

RX-7 SA22C 13B Peripheral port, EX. Pipes
Exhaust center Pipes Change 50mm Dual tubes → 60mm single tubes 中間パイプを50φ(サイレンサー有)デュアルから60φス レート シングルへ変更

Subaru STI X-Force Varex butterfly valve muffler
/!\ this is on a friends car, not mine. I can't answer any raised questions. sorry! /!\ A Subaru WRX STI with the X-Force Varex Sports muffler, a Look over how it works and a quick demo of the sounds, It's not broken in yet.

12a peripheral port datsun 1600 skids [GUZLN]
12a peripheral port skidding it up mean, rotary, burnouts,12a, 10a, 13b, 20b, turbo