BMW 330d MSport in cabin view @ Marulan Driver Training Centre

This is an in cabin view of a BMW 330d M Sport at the Marulan Driver Training Centre. This car has BMW performance enhancements which were entirely cosmetic at the time of making this video, i.e. it was mechanically completely stock. I managed a 48 second best lap on the last of the initial 5 laps shown despite a 8/10ths committed driver, street Pirelli P Zero rubber while getting uncomfortably close to the rear bumper bar of the unrelenting black Subaru GTB in front. I suspect that better lap times could have been obtained with softer race tires, turning traction control completely off and more efficient power-band gear changes (I set the shift lights too high). But, overall 48 seconds was a decent result for the day. The chassis poise and balance of this vehicle is phenomenal. With a seasoned car CV spanning 2 decades I can comfortably say that this is probably one of the most well balanced cars I have ever driven. This is the first and likely the last time this car will ever see a race track which is a real shame. Being an ex-Mercedes Benz mechanic, I never really believed all the nerds and motoring journos' that would constantly drone on and on about the poise and deftness of the 3 series chassis. Well, on my last lap with DTC half off and me chasing the rear end of that Scooby I became, a believer... The sharpness of the turn-in, the confidence it inspires in you to push the envelope is second to none, for a car in this class I feel. In my opinion its pretty damn impressive that I could have this much fun on track in a car that I drive to the Aussie bush, for work, on a weekly basis wherein it gently cossets me in seamless comfort for some 750Kms/week with great fuel economy to boot!. Its clear to see why the 3 series is so popular in europe. Hope you enjoy the video...

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