1960 Peterbilt Hotrod Truck called Piss'd Off Pete

While I was at SEMA 2009 a captured a video of Piss'd Off Pete's engine being revved up in front of a huge SEMA crowd just down from the Autogeek.net booth. This is Jay Leno's 1960 chopped Peterbilt with a 852ci two-stroke Detroit Diesel twin-supercharged V12 mated to an Allison 4-speed automatic transmission from a Greyhound bus. The engine produces 500 horsepower and nearly 1000 lb-ft torque with a red line of just 2,800 rpm. Built by the Blastolene Brothers. See more pictures at www.autogeekonline.net

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Detailing Behemoth
This is a 2004 Kodiak Truck that my friend Dave built, from time to time I wash, clay and wax it for him using Detailer's Pride products.

Hear this Blown 1966 Nova detailed at Autogeek
See all the before and after pictures here http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/pictures-autogeek-s-car-week/78227-1966 -blown-nova-extreme-makeover-pictures-videos.html This blown 1966 Nova Pro Touring is owned by my buddy Harris and while the build quality of this car in incredible the paint needed some help to match the mechanical fit and finish so he brought it to Autogeek and myself and a team of local car guys proceeded to but it out. Tools Used... Rupes Bigfoot 21 Rupes Bigfoot 15 Rupes Bigfoot Duetto Rupes Bigfoot Mini Flex PE14 Rotary Polisher Griot's Garage 6" DA Griot's Garage 3" DA Meguiar's DA Porter Cable DA Compounds & Polishes used... Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound Rupes Diamond Ultra Fine Polish Meguiar's M100 All the tools, pads and products used to create the show car finish can be found at http://www.autogeek.net/ You can also call Customer Care at, 1-800-869-3011 And our staff can help you get everything you need for your detailing project and ship it right to your door. :)

Autogeek's "What's in the Garage" TV Show Promo Video
If you have a special interest car and a "Car Guy" car story to go with it, then check out this video for our brand new TV show!

Bruno Massel Racing 2011