RC Scale 4x4 - Exploring Unkel - Hilux Defender

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Slash 4x4 Water Action
To answer some of the questions in the comments: ***The Traxxas Slash is waterproof*** 1) This was taken at Pipal Park in Omaha, Nebraska. 2) I am driving my Traxxas Slash VXL 4x4 1/10 scale short course truck. 3) This is a water fountain that had recently been shut off for winter. Not a public urinal. 4) No, this is not a real truck. 5) Yes it is battery powered. At the time I was running 8.4 volt NiMh battery but have since changed to a 7.4 volt LiPo which can be seen in my later videos.

Me Going Down The Roller Slide
This slide is in one of the parks here in Okinawa Japan its really fun but you have to be siting on something or else ur butt will feel like its on fire cuz it can make you go down real fast I was using my shoes :) and I was still tryin to make my self go slow I didnt want to go flyin off the slide when i got to the bottom

rc jeep & chevy in mud
1/10 rc

cd's as wheels on a wheely king
i put some old cds on my wheely king just for fun and see what it will do by having something with less friction.