04 Cobra 440WHP VS CLS 55 AMG Benz Vs C5 Z06 with full bolt ons and cam Miami Street racing

440WHP Cobra VS CLS55 AMG Benz 40 170Mph South Florid street racing. The CLS AMG had HREs which are 25lbs lighter than stock, Carbon fiber intake, and cat deletes. The C5 ZO6 had full botls ons and mild cam bad clutch and 800 pound weight advantage. This was back in 07 after I had just installed all my bolt ons and installed a reichard 2.8.

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Cobra bolt on vs CLS 55 AMG
This was back in the day when I just had bolt ons and CAI. Cobra had bolt ons except for headers 2.8 Upper 6 PSI lower this was back in 2006. The tune carzy rich hitting low 10s which is just robbing of me of power down low and up top. That why it would take so long for me to always pass the CLS 55. If the Tune would have been at 12.1 where it should have been I would have started to pull cars right away. Also Had a port witch was done by a person who didnt know what the fuck they were doing and the charger was flowing air retard. Also The Numbers on that Dyno were way off. They were no more than 470hp and 480 torque maybe. CLS 55 had hres which took of 14 lbs of rotation weight from factor one and had an cold air intake.