Nissan GTR vs Corvette Z06 1/4 mile

Nissan GTR vs Corvette Z06 1/4 mile drag race at race city calgary, alberta

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Shelby GT 500 vs Viper SRT 10
Shelby Mustang GT 500 vs Dodge Viper Rt 10 Drag Race

Just Some Boas in HD
Various Boas I have accumulated or produced over the years Filmed summer 2013 For more info check

EPIC New Snake Created
The newest boa combo created here at A triple Gene snake consisting of Anery in its visual form, Hypo and IMG (aka Increased Melanin Gene) The IMG and the hypo in her are both dominant mutations so even if you bred one with a normal you would still be making Hypo IMG 100% het Anery!!

Petting a Wild Great Grey Owl
Petting a wild Great Grey Owl